“Wrath of the Titans” doesn’t get a sequel – but Netflix now offers a bloody replacement – series news

“Clash of the Titans 3” with “Avatar” star Sam Worthington is still on hold. But if you need fresh mythology supplies that are also much more brutal, thanks to “Blood Of Zeus” you will now find what you are looking for on Netflix.

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As today’s Friday blockbuster at 8:15 p.m., ProSieben is once again showing the Greek mythology action film “Zorn der Titanen”. However, if you were hoping for another sequel after the continuation of the classic remake “Battle of the Titans”, you’re going to have to look into the tube.

A third part originally planned under the working title “Revenge of the Titans” was put on hold years ago because of the mixed box office earnings of part 2 (almost 300 million dollars and thus almost 200 million less than the predecessor) and a lack of fresh ideas. A revival of the project seems unlikely to impossible.

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But that’s actually only half as bad. On the one hand because the second part was a whole lot weaker and tougher than part 1 – and on the other hand because it was with the animated series “Blood Of Zeus” in terms of brute mythology entertainment since this week a completely new replacement on Netflix are…

“Blood Of Zeus” is not for children

As in “Battle of the Titans” and “Wrath of the Titans”, in “Blood Of Zeus” a demigod son of Zeus becomes the last hope for the world of humans and gods in the smoldering conflict between gods and titans. “Blood Of Zeus” hero Heron (voice in the original: Derek Phillips) mainly has to do with a sinister army of demons.

In contrast to the “Titans” films, the series may be animated, but it is definitely aimed at adults. Like the Netflix video game adaptation “Castlevania” from the same animation studio “Blood Of Zeus” isn’t stingy with blood and violence either.

The first season consists of eight half-hour episodes. It is not yet certain that it will continue after that – but after the first retrieval successes it should be far more likely than in the case of the “Battle of the Titans” film series.

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