Why Can’t Narcissistic People Have Close Relationships?

There is nothing more important to a narcissist than realizing their own bodily and mental desires! For this reason, people with narcissistic personality disorder are often extremely dangerous to the people around them. However, even when they are not dangerous, they have the ability to turn the lives of those around them into a nightmare! For this reason, narcissistic people are often unable to form intimate and close relationships with other people. Even if they do, a narcissist will definitely reveal himself over time. Thus, he manages to drive the people around him away from himself. Here are 7 reasons why narcissistic people do not have intimate relationships…

1. They believe that everything is their right!


The most distinctive feature of narcissistic people is that they are selfish. Behind this selfishness lies their unfounded belief that everything is their right! For this reason, it is extremely difficult to be in a relationship with a narcissist, whether it’s friendship or romance. Because narcissists care about nothing but getting what they want. Because this is their right! For this reason, the only thing waiting for narcissistic people is loneliness.

2. Lack of empathy

For narcissists, the wishes and thoughts of the other person do not matter. Trying to understand and value other people’s feelings is something a narcissist will never do! Of course, no one wants to be in a relationship with someone who doesn’t value their own feelings or even try to understand themselves.

3. They won’t regret it


So they never apologize either! They do not admit their mistakes and do not take responsibility for any of their actions. If there is a criminal or responsible party, it is definitely the other party. That’s why many narcissists don’t find anyone, even to blame, after a while.

4. They manipulate people

Moreover, narcissists are quite skilled at this. They use all kinds of tricks to get what they want. Of course, this includes manipulating and using people!

5. They always want better

Narcissists are people who don’t know what contentment is. That’s why they always want better. Because better is their right! A better house, a better car, and even a better person! However, narcissists’ pursuit of this better often results in frustration.

6. They exploit people

Many studies reveal that narcissists abuse people both physically and emotionally more than other people! In other words, narcissists are especially adept at making the lives of the people they live with hell. Considering this situation, it is perfectly understandable that a narcissist has difficulty in establishing intimate relationships.

7. People exist for them!


For a narcissist, a friend or lover alone means nothing. They are only valuable when they serve Himself! In other words, all people are pawns that exist to fulfill the narcissist’s wishes and realize his ambitions! Of course, once the narcissist’s needs are met, these pawns also have no value. Until a new need arises.

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