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SPOILERS for Chapter 9 “The Marshal”! In the season 2 premiere of “Star Wars: The Mandalorian”, a sheriff wears the armor of a famous bounty hunter – and the owner Boba Fett is probably seen at the very end. But didn’t he die?

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For many fans, George Lucas committed a sin in “Star Wars 6: Return of the Jedi” when he simply disposed of the popular bounty hunter Boba Fett in the sand monster shortly after his first appearance:

Han Solo accidentally (!) pushes Boba in the sarlacc. Killing such a cool character in such a stupid way is pretty funny as a provocation – and it gets even funnier when the reports are true that after much discussion, George Lucas and his team just didn’t know what else to do with Boba. “Oh, let’s just throw it in the sarlacc.”

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Boba in “Star Wars 6”, shortly before his departure

However, Boba Fett was probably never really dead – at the latest after the new episode “The Mandalorian” there can be little doubt that where it’s most likely Boba standing in the desert wrapped in a cloak and helmetless at the very end.

Boba Fett’s long-awaited “Star Wars” return

Even in the stories of the so-called Extended Universe, which is not part of today’s “Star Wars” canon, Boba Fett was brought back. The explanation for this was basically as simple as his supposed death in the sand monster: The bounty hunter survived the acidic interior of the disgusting creature, among other things, because he just wore a damn resistant Mandalorian armor.

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That Boba Fett has survived in today’s canon, which has been in force since 2014, instead of being digested slowly over a very, very long time like the other poor victims of Sarlacc, there were already signs of this before the new episode “The Mandalorian”:

In Chuck Wendig’s “Aftermath” book trilogy, set like The Mandalorian shortly after Star Wars 6, the Jawas discover pieces of Boba’s damaged armor on Tatooine, which they then sell to a sheriff named Cobb Vanth. In the new episode of “The Mandalorian” he is played by “Justified” star Timothy Olyphant and shows the scene in which he acquires the armor.

Of course, it could still be the case that Boba is dead and only his armor is left of him. But first of all, Lucasfilm shouldn’t want to make the mistake of disappointing fans again – and secondly, the lonely man at the end of the new episode “The Mandalorian” is certainly not played by Temuera Morrison by chance.

Temuera Morrison is back

New Zealand actor Temuera Morrison made his Star Wars debut in Episode 2: Attack of the Clones. He played bounty hunter Jango Fett, who fights Obi-Wan and is a single dad at the same time. Because as payment for making the clone army out of him, he had one of his clones given to him as a son: Boba Fett.

Even the other clones that we see in the movies and in The Clone Wars animated series are of course cut straight out of Jango’s face. An older boba has to do that too, so it only makes sense that an older boba would be played by Temuera Morrison again.

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Jango Fett in “Star Wars 2”, shortly before his departure

How big the part of Boba Fett in “The Mandalorian” will be is currently completely open. Basically, he has nothing to do directly with the Mandalorians, who Din Djarin aka Mando (Pedro Pascal) is looking for to find a shelter for himself and Baby Yoda – because Boba wore the valuable, protective armor of the Mandalorians, but took over theirs Not culture, unlike Din Djarin. However, as grim as Boba looks at the end of the first episode, he seems pretty pissed off that his jetpack and helmet are now in Mando’s possession.

So it’s quite possible that Mando has now unknowingly made a new enemy and that there will be a big duel between the bounty hunters in “The Mandalorian”. Or to put it another way: It’s quite possible that the character Boba Fett, who is adored by fans as a cult, will really get something to do.

But why should I even care about Boba?

A good question! Hardly any other character in “Star Wars” is so disproportionate in popularity and actual importance for the story as in Boba Fett.

Yes, there are books, comics, and games featuring the bounty hunter, but the film series itself would basically be nothing if it weren’t for Boba. All of his actions are either superfluous to the main story or could be taken over by any other supporting character without George Lucas having to change his story much. Also, Boba has very, very few scenes.

Boba Fett became so popular simply because he looks so damn cool with his bucket helmet and his rocket pack and he caught the imagination of a whole generation of children! He also possesses one of the core traits that all iconic Star Wars characters share: you can recognize the character solely by its outline (see also Darth Vader or Han Solo with blaster drawn).

And precisely because Boba Fett is at the same time such an iconic character, but has so far only been drawn very superficially in the context of the “Star Wars” films, it is now becoming very interesting how showrunner Jon Favreau deals with him in “The Mandalorian”.

Boba’s origin story may not play a role in the films, but it still offers considerable potential to build on it in the further course of the series:

Boba is a clone, saw his “father” Jango beheaded by a Jedi as a kid, fought his way out of a sand monster – and now some random Mandalorian has stolen his beloved armor as well.

So Boba Fett has all the makings of being a tragic character in The Mandalorian. On the other hand, it’s precisely the mysterious, the intangible that made Boba so appealing in the original trilogy. So the big question at the end of the new episode is less how Boba Fett survived and more: What else does Jon Favreau have in mind with this man?

The second episode of the second season, The Mandalorian, arrives on Disney+ next Friday at 9 a.m.

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