The Man Who Dumped $180 Million Worth of Bitcoin

Cryptocurrencies are one of the most remarkable investment tools of recent years. A different cryptocurrency is released almost every day. Among these cryptocurrencies, there are also those with an unbelievably high monetary value. Bitcoin is also among the most popular cryptocurrencies today. Moreover, just one Bitcoin is worth thousands of dollars! But value isn’t the only thing keeping Bitcoin on the agenda. Because Bitcoin, one of the most popular cryptocurrencies of recent years, causes very interesting events from time to time… James Howells is one of the victims of such interesting events!

A man named James Howells, who lives in Newport, Wales, threw out his computer’s hard drive about 10 years ago! But what he forgot was that the disk contained 8,000 Bitcons! Of course, Bitcoin at that time did not have such a high monetary value as it does now. However, after Howell threw away the disk containing thousands of Bitcoins, the value of Bitcoin continued to rise! Thus began the adventure of searching for the disc that James Howells threw in the trash. This search, which Howells has been pursuing for years, has not come to fruition until today. However, Howell has sacrificed an incredible $13 million to find the disc. Because there is about 180 million dollars worth of Bitcoin in the disk, which is probably hidden deep in a dump! Here are the details of this interesting event…

Working as a computer engineer, James Howells bought 8 thousand Bitcoins when cryptocurrencies first came out.

james howells

But in 2013, the Bitcoins he bought had completely disappeared from Howells’ memory! Howell therefore trashed the hard disk drive containing thousands of Bitcoins! But as time passed, Bitcoin became popular and increased in value day by day. Thus, Howell recalled the Bitcoins he had. But it’s too late now! Millions of dollars worth of Bitcoin had taken its place in the huge garbage dump of the city of Newport.

James Howells has been trying to get to the hard drive for years!

But each time he encounters the same obstacle: the city of Newport! Because, according to the municipality, digging in the huge dump site is ecologically dangerous! Plus, it takes a lot of effort and money to find a fairly small hard disk drive in such a large space! On the other hand, there are some laws that prevent such a search operation in the landfill! Because of all this, Howells dreams of getting his Bitcoins are thwarted by the municipality every time!

But Howells is determined to find the hard drive he threw in the trash.

That’s why he goes to Newport city hall with new offers every time! These proposals include major projects like building a power generation facility at the Newport city landfill! Other interesting proposals from Howells include giving $60 Bitcoin to every citizen in the city, installing crypto terminals in shops in the city and facilities for Bitcoin mining! In addition, Howell claims that he can remove thousands of tons of garbage that has accumulated in landfills over the years, without harming the environment. Moreover, it is ready to meet all the expenses required for this job! Howell has sacrificed $13 million to get the hard drive.

The present value of Bitcoins in the hard disk is around 180 million dollars.

james howells

However, this amount may increase depending on fluctuations in Bitcoin! For example, last January, the value of Bitcoins in the hard disk was $256 million! Howell, on the other hand, has so far failed to convince the city of Newport! Also, even if he convinces the municipality, starts digging, and even finds the disk, there is no guarantee that he will get his Bitcoins! Because it is not clear whether the hard disk drive will work or not. Despite this, Howells’ hopeful quest has been going on for years…

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