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“Evil Dead Rise” should be at the top of the watch list for many horror fans. It will be a while before we get to see the new “Tanz der Teufel” – but the first pictures from the set should make Gorehounds happy.

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The devils are dancing again! After Sam Raimi’s no-budget horror cult film “Dance of the Devil” received two sequels (“Dance of the Devil II” and “Army of Darkness”) from the master himself, before Fede Alvarez’ remake of “Evil Dead” finally followed in 2013 – which is still one of the best and most popular horror remakes of all time among genre fans – “Evil Dead Rise” once again opens a new chapter in the Necronomicon saga.

When the lead actor of the original series and the series offshoot “Ash Vs. Evil Dead”, Bruce Campbell, confirmed a while ago that he would not be returning as Ash in what is now the fifth film in the series, many fans had to digest it first. Because even if “Rise” is not supposed to be a direct sequel, fan hope lives on to the end, especially in such nostalgic cases.

Now there is finally positive news for all “Tanz der Teufel” fans – because director Lee Cronin (“The Hole In The Ground”) has shared some blood-soaked pictures from the current shooting in the past few days, which makes you want more make:

Not only does it feature lots of blood (and even a severed leg), it also has a few nods to the original series, like the Henrietta’s Pizzeria pizza box. Henrietta was known to be the wife of Professor Raymond Knowby – and the fiendish demon’s first victim.

“Dance of the Devil”: colorful horror potpourri

That with, among others, Alyssa Sutherland (“The Mist”), Lilly Sullivan (“Jungle”) and Morgan Davies (“The Hunter”) in “Evil Dead Rise” should once again go in a new direction – away from the remote Forest hut and into the big city – should only surprise fans of the series to a limited extent. After all, “Tanz der Teufel” has always stood for change, so to speak.

Even part 2, which is often regarded as a remake of the original, not only comes with a significantly higher budget, but above all is much funnier. With “Army of Darkness” the series drifted almost entirely into the comedy segment anyway, before the remake burned itself into the cinema audience’s memory as a tough battle festival.

Incidentally, what has also changed significantly over the years is the attitude of the FSK to the series. While the first “Tanz der Teufel” film was long on the index, the original series is now completely rehabilitated and unabridged (even for those over 16) – both on disc and as a stream. For example at Amazon Prime Video, where what the author of this article believes is the best film in the series, part 2, is currently included in the subscription:

›› The “Tanz der Teufel” series on Amazon Prime Video*

Only “Evil Dead” still has a hard time in Germany. The remake, which received a respectable 4 out of 5 possible stars in the FILMSTARTS review, is only available in Germany in the shortened FSK 18 version. The Uncut Theatrical Version and the Extended Cut, which is almost five minutes longer, are indexed and may therefore not be freely advertised or sold in Germany.

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