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If there was a film in the recent past that brought the approval authorities to the brink of despair with its relentless harshness, it is “The Sadness”. With “Megalomaniac” the next one should follow. Here’s the trailer:

Apart from cinema hits like “Top Gun 2”, with which Tom Cruise broke the billion at the box office for the first time, no film has made such waves as “The Sadness” this year. The Taiwanese infected shocker unleashes such an incomparable wave of violence over its audience that it was a miracle when it was said that the Manhole Plate in the uncut version was actually cleared by the FSK (from 18 years of age). With “Megalomaniac” the next potential highlight for particularly die-hard fans of extreme horror cinema will be in the house in a few weeks.

Just a few days ago we were able to announce that “Megalomaniac” has its German premiere at the Fantasy Filmfest 2022 will celebrate and tease what awaits you in the genre board of the Belgian filmmaker Karim Ouelhaj. At the top end of this article you will also find the first trailer for the film, which does not yet contain any dialogue, but gives an indication of the horror pace that awaits you here.

That’s what “Megalomaniac” is about

“Megalomaniac” tells the story of the lives of the two siblings Felix (Benjamin Ramon) and Martha (Eline Schumacher), whose extraordinary and shocking story begins even before they are born. Because the two were born when their mother was raped, who fell victim to the notorious butcher of Mons.

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Even many years later, this story of origin determines the everyday life of the siblings, who live in their father’s neglected house. While Felix has long since fallen victim to evil and is even following in his father’s footsteps, Martha leads a rather inconspicuous life as a cleaner – until she finally falls victim to increasingly worse bullying attacks, which also awaken a monster in her…

The dates for the Fantasy Filmfest 2022

The “megalomaniac”, which was already heavily discussed in advance, is associated with the French terror shocker, among other things “martyrs” compared – and as our colleagues from the Fantasy Filmfest confirmed to us, this comparison is no coincidence. In the end, is he not only just as merciless, but also as good as Pascal Laugier’s disturbing genre highlight (for which there were at least 4.5 stars in the FILMSTARTS review)? This is exactly what you will soon be able to convince yourself of.

Don’t want to miss Megalomaniac? Then make a note of the dates for the Fantasy Filmfest 2022:

  • September 7th to 14th in Berlin & Munich
  • September 14th to 21st in Hamburg, Cologne & Stuttgart
  • 21 to 28 September in Frankfurt & Nuremberg

Those who can hardly wait to devote themselves to film enjoyment for a week and to immerse themselves in the wonderful world of festival life together with like-minded people can already secure their festival pass or season ticket here:

» Season tickets for the Fantasy Filmfest 2022

And if you are now wondering what other films are part of the program, we recommend that you take a look at the following article. Among other things, you can expect fun shark horror from France and fresh sci-fi replenishment from a genre-experienced director duo, who are already heavily involved in the Marvel Cinematic Universe with several episodes of the Disney+ series “Moon Knight” and “Loki”. …

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