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Before the start of “The Bad Batch”, the creators told us in an interview that a second season of the new “Star Wars” series depends on how the first one is received. It was well received – because now the second season has been officially announced.

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Disney and Lucasfilm were not so sure about the future of the new “Star Wars” animation series “Star Wars: The Bad Batch”. When we asked the screenwriter Jennifer Corbett and the director before the start of the first season whether a second season would follow if it was successful, they said:

Jennifer Corbett: We can only hope for that!

Brad Rau: We hope so! (laughs)

Jennifer Corbett: Everyone needs to tune in and then hopefully we’ll be able to do more stories like this.

Apparently enough people tuned in (and the online viewer ratings are good too). As Disney has now officially announced, a second season of “The Bad Batch” will come to Disney + in 2022 – and thus join the other series restarts “Mandalorian” Season 2, “Star Wars: Obi-Wan Kenobi” and “Star Wars : Andor”.

There are no specific dates yet, but it is clear that 2022 will be a jam-packed “Star Wars” series year on Disney +.

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The statement by Michael Paull, President of Disney+ and ESPN+, leaves no doubt that the reaction of the fans was the decisive factor in producing a new season of “The Bad Batch”: “The fans have seen the action and the drama of ‘Star Wars: The Bad Batch’ was enthusiastically received, and we’re excited to continue expanding the ‘Star Wars’ animated universe on Disney+.”

Among the satisfied fans are likely to be many viewers who already liked the “Star Wars” animated series “The Clone Wars” and “Rebels”. The Bad Batch is a direct sequel to The Clone Wars. It’s about a group of special clones that didn’t fight like their comrades against the Jedi and on the side of the newly founded empire. You can find out in the following article why I can also recommend the series to viewers who don’t know “The Clone Wars” at all:

No more excuses! Why you should finally watch the great new “Star Wars” series

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