That’s never happened in the “Avengers” universe: The first MCU series “WandaVision” is so crazy – series news

After “Avengers: Endgame” it’s crazy: It was already indicated that “WandaVision” would become an atypical Marvel series. However, it has now been confirmed: The first episode was filmed in front of an audience and only with technology from the 1950s.

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Almost exactly a year ago, in November 2019, a rumor reached us from the usually fairly reliable insider Charles Murphy: The first episode of the upcoming MCU series “WandaVision” should be shot in front of a live audience in the studio.

In a detailed report on the “WandaVision” set, the film magazine Entertainment Weekly this message is now confirmed almost word for word: Staged as a homage to ’50s sitcoms like I Love Lucy, the first episode of WandaVision was actually taped in front of a live audience and should therefore also contain their reactions such as laughter, at least in the original version.

No CGI effects!

In fact, Marvel has gone much further in recreating the sitcom charm of the ’50s: Episode 1 was shot in black and white with period cameras and equipment, the crew wore 1950s clothing and no visual effects were used. Instead, elements such as metamorphoses or flying wine bottles were realized with camera tricks and wire ropes.

Lead actors Elizabeth Olsen and Paul Bettany, who will be seen again as Wanda Maximoff aka Scarlet Witch and Vision, also had to get used to practicing their entrances and exits like in a play and performing in front of an audience. But in the end they both liked it, according to Olsen and Bettany Entertainment Weekly.

It is also already known that “WandaVision” will not only play in this decade, but will also jump happily through the history of the sitcom. Responsible for this (and for the resurrection of the actually dead vision after “Avengers: Infinity War” and “Avengers: Endgame”) are probably the reality-altering powers of Scarlet Witch.

And the first trailer already seems to indicate that the couple will jump into a new sitcom era as soon as the ideal world facade begins to crumble:

Finally, and as the trailer hints, WandaVision will eventually veer towards a more conventional story that offers the usual Marvel action. Somehow the transition to “Doctor Strange 2” has to succeed, which is being prepared with “WandaVision” and in which Olsen will play an important role as the Scarlet Witch.

WandaVision is slated to come to Disney+ in December 2020however, this launch window was faced Entertainment Weekly not confirmed again. It is therefore quite possible that the start will also be postponed to 2021.

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