Netflix confirms season 3 “The Umbrella Academy”: Long wait for the return of the weird superheroes – series news

Umbrella Academy was one of the most popular and successful Netflix series of 2019 and 2020, and now fans’ calls have been heard for a third season. However, Season 3 will probably not come to Netflix in 2021, but only later. Netflix The cast and crew have already expressed their interest and the many “The … Read more

Netflix is ​​making the first “Asterix and Obelix” series ever – sounds weird, but it’s like that – series news

When the news broke that Netflix was producing the very first “Asterix” series, we exchanged questioning looks in the editorial office: Hasn’t there been one for a long time? No, as present as the Gaul may be, there has never been a series. 2014 M6 STUDIO / BELVISION / M6 FILMS / SNC / LES … Read more

The weird answer to “La La Land”: “Star Wars” star Adam Driver in the German trailer for “Annette” – Kino News

Leos Carax, one of the most exciting European auteur filmmakers, brings together two top stars in front of the camera in his first English-language film: Adam Driver and Marion Cotillard. Here is the German trailer for “Annette”. Leos Carax’s acclaimed 2012 film, the grotesque Holy Motors, was quite a trip. In the equally acclaimed and … Read more

When Dracula meets Karl Marx: Trailer for the weird vampire satire “Blutsucker” – Kino News

The specter of communism is haunting again – with vampires on the Baltic Sea and German acting stars. Here’s the first trailer for Bloodsuckers. In August 1928, Soviet factory worker Lyovushka (Aleksandre Koberidze) is cast as Trotsky in director Sergei Eisenstein’s film October. However, when the real Trotsky falls out of favor with Stalin, he … Read more

Super weird TV tip: One of the best movies of 2019 is finally showing for the first time today – and the timing is perfect – cinema news

Today, February 16, the winning films of the Berlinale 2022 will be chosen. The perfect day to debut the 2019 Golden Bear winner on TV. And it’s worth it. Because “Synonymes” is a very special pearl. grand film In 2019, “Synonymes” was awarded the Golden Bear for Best Film at the Berlin International Film Festival. … Read more

Anarchy, punk, pyromania – you won’t believe which star is behind this weird home cinema insider tip! – Cinema News

The director of an infamous torture horror filming a romantic comedy produced by Ben Stiller? Sounds funny, and it is – but in a bitter way: “Dinner In America – A Punk Love Story” is satire and punk love story rolled into one. 2021 Koch Films +++ Opinion +++ A junkie who likes to set … Read more

You’ve never seen Daniel Radcliffe like this: In the trailer for “Weird”, the “Harry Potter” star becomes a cult comedian – cinema news

In Weird: The Al Yankovic Story, Daniel Radcliffe slips into the shoes of the eponymous comedy star, complete with his signature quiff, mustache and aviator goggles. The teaser trailer now provides a first correct impression of it. Since the 80s, musician and comedian “Weird” Al Yankovic has been delighting the masses with his congenial song … Read more

20 weird facts from the world of music

9/9/2016, 1:57 p.m06/19/2018, 10:42 am consequences Presented by All members of Nirvana were kicked out of their own album release party for throwing food. Image: AP Chris Cuffaro Significantly, the album was called «Nevermind». Leo Fender, inventor of such iconic rock ‘n’ roll guitars like the Telecaster or Stratocaster, couldn’t play the guitar. Image: … Read more

New on Netflix this week: The new “Money Heist” series, action from the “Expendables 3” maker & weird superheroes – Kino News

On Friday, June 24, 2022, the long-awaited “Money Heist” remake from South Korea will finally start – and fans can’t wait to see if the Heist series can hold a candle to the acclaimed original. Also new: Season 3 of The Umbrella Academy. Netflix No sign of a summer slump: Netflix has some highlights ready … Read more