German trailer for the horror film “Black Water: Abyss”: Like “47 Meters Down 2”, but with crocodiles instead of sharks! – Cinema News

In the sequel to the indie horror hit “Black Water,” a group of cavers confront extremely hungry crocodiles. At FILMSTARTS there is the German trailer for “Black Water: Abyss” exclusively first: Like the indie hits “Open Water” or “47 Meters Down”, 2007’s “Black Water” is a very minimalist animal horror film that is precisely what … Read more

New picture from the set of “Avatar 2”: Sigourney Weaver, James Cameron and lots of water landscapes – Kino News

In a new snap from the making of Avatar 2 (and Avatar 3), we see James Cameron briefing his cast. And if you look closely, you can finally spot pictures from Pandora in the background. The Walt Disney Company After numerous postponements, many “Avatar” fans are now probably a little cautious when it comes to … Read more

German trailer for the bloody FSK 18 horror “Aquaslash”: A madman installs huge razor blades in the water slide! – Cinema News

In this film, a sadistic killer literally causes a bloodbath by installing razor-sharp blades inside a waterslide. Here is the German trailer for “Aquaslash – From fun bath to blood bath”: Whenever you think that there is really nothing left that hasn’t already murdered people in a bloody way in horror cinema (from “Killer Sofa” … Read more

14 Surprising Facts About Popular Culture That Prove Time Runs Like Water

Of course, time is a relative concept. But for those who are getting older, time goes by pretty quickly! TV series watched recently, childhood movies watched or games played with pleasure, was actually quite a long time ago! Popular culture products that emerged years ago and are spoken about even today remind us how quickly … Read more

Only 2 days until the release: Trailer for the swimming pool horror “Aquaslash” – a water slide as a murder weapon! – Cinema News

The swimming pool slasher “Aquaslash” will be released on DVD & Blu-ray next Friday – with the obviously appropriate German subtitle “From fun bath to blood bath”. Here is the German trailer for the Canadian bathing carnage: Apparently, the German DVD label couldn’t wait any longer for teenagers to tumble down the water slides – … Read more

Your mouth is guaranteed to water: The German trailer for “À la Carte! – Freedom goes through the stomach” – Kino News

Eric Besnard already delighted German cinema audiences with “Pear Cake with Lavender”. His new film “À la Carte! – Freedom goes through the stomach”. We present you the German trailer: France in the 18th century, just before the French Revolution: when chef Manceron (Grégory Gadebois) dares to serve potatoes, he loses his job with the … Read more

New to Amazon Prime: Do you still dare to go down the water slide after this horror thriller? – Cinema News

From the refrigerator to the sofa: the cinema has already introduced us to the strangest murderous instruments. In the horror thriller “Aquaslash”, which is now available as a subscription to Amazon Prime Video, a water slide is now causing a bloodbath. White Pearl Movies Sometimes you just need a film of the brand “Aquaslash – … Read more

“Avatar 2”: New pictures for the sci-fi sequel show a never-before-seen water creature – cinema news

There are finally pictures of “Avatar 2” again: In addition to new impressions from the shooting, a concept picture shows the life of the Na’vi on the beach, where apparently you not only fly on flying dinosaurs, but also ride on water dinosaurs. 2021 Disney and its affiliates. Avatar was released in 2009 and went … Read more