Tom Cruise as the new Iron Man in the “Avengers” universe? That’s why the rumor makes sense – cinema news

A recent rumor (and nothing more than that!) is that Tom Cruise is set to star as Iron Man in Doctor Strange 2. As unlikely as this guest appearance is, it makes perfect sense for two reasons… Marvel Studios 2019 // Universal Pictures International France At first glance, it looks like one of those rumors … Read more

Netflix gives “Conan – The Barbarian” a fresh cell cure: New series and potential universe planned! – Series news

“Conan – The Barbarian” with Arnold Schwarzenegger is a true classic among fantasy adventures. Netflix has now announced a “Conan” series – and also has the option of feature films and other series about the muscle man. Universal Pictures In the cinema it was quiet for a long time about the character Conan. In 2011 … Read more

“The Lie”, “Black Box” and Co.: All 4 trailers for the new horror universe on Amazon – cinema news

“The Lie”, “Black Box”, “Evil Eye” and “Nocturne” are the names of the first four films in the new horror film series that Amazon has summarized under the title “Welcome To The Blumhouse”. We have the trailers for all the films for you. Halloween is just around the corner and for the spookiest time of … Read more

Leading Actress for ‘Ms. Marvel’ on Disney+ and in Cinemas: She’s the Newest Face in the ‘Avengers’ Universe

Marvel has its Ms. Marvel: Newcomer Iman Vellani plays the MCU superhero. Their adventures begin with a series on Disney+, but cinema appearances are also to follow, so they should be very present in the MCU in the coming years. Marvel/Disney She doesn’t have a single role in her vita yet, but now she has … Read more

“Blade Runner 2049”: This could continue with Denis Villeneuve’s sci-fi universe – cinema news

It’s been three years since Denis Villeneuve’s sci-fi masterpiece Blade Runner 2049 hit theaters. Whether there will be a sequel and what it will look like is not certain. But there are certainly ambitions! SonyPictures Ridley Scott’s 1982 Blade Runner was not a particularly big hit at the box office. It was only over the … Read more

Do all Spider-Man movies belong together? Jamie Foxx Hints at Mega Universe – Kino News

It was quite a surprise for all Marvel fans to have Jamie Foxx join Tom Holland as Electro in the third Spider-Man film. Where is the MCU heading? Foxx himself is now causing further confusion… SonyPictures Jamie Foxx commented on Instagram about his engagement as Electro in “Spider-Man 3” with Tom Holland – and confirmed … Read more

Robert Downey Jr. Wants Marvel-Style Sherlock Holmes Movie Universe

For years at Marvel, as Iron Man, he saw first-hand how a successful film universe is built. Now Robert Downey Jr. would like to adapt the model together with Susan Downey for the “Sherlock” films. The Walt Disney Company A few years ago it became a running gag among the news editors at FILMSTARTS that … Read more

The DC universe is supposed to grow: This is the superheroine “Vixen” – cinema news

Black Panther from the Marvel Universe can get as strong and (reactive) as a panther, DC superhero Vixen has even more animals whose abilities she can take on. Now she should get a movie or a series DC Comics Warner is said to be planning a new project about DC superheroine Vixen – this comes … Read more

After “The Witcher”: Netflix makes “Assassin’s Creed” series and plans an entire universe! – Series news

The “The Witcher” model is catching on: As with the Netflix series with Henry Cavill, “Assassin’s Creed” is now set to become an entire franchise made up of various projects on Netflix. It starts with a live series. 2015 Twentieth Century Fox/Netflix “The Witcher” was a real success on Netflix, so that the streaming service … Read more

After “Monster Hunter”: Tony Jaa gets his own “John Wick” universe – cinema news

Ever since his breakthrough with Ong-Bak, Tony Jaa has been on everyone’s lips. After appearances in the Vin Diesel franchises “Fast & Furious” and “Triple X”, he is now even getting his own hitman film series reminiscent of “John Wick”. Ascot Elite Home Entertainment GmbH It’s been a long time since “Ong-Bak” (2003) amazed martial … Read more