Horror classics: One of the most legendary uncut versions in film history will soon be available for little money – Kino News

After many, many years, the wait finally came to an end in 2019: “Psycho” was officially released completely uncut for the first time – but only in an expensive collector’s edition. Now comes the inexpensive standard version. Universal “Psycho” (1960) is undoubtedly one of the greatest horror milestones in film history – and not just … Read more

Finally uncut on DVD & Blu-ray: This series is a must-see for splatter fans – brutal, sexy and totally crazy! – Series news

Grindhouse highlight somewhere between “Mad Max” and “Death Race”: Two and a half years after the German TV premiere of “Blood Drive”, the dirty mix of blood, sex and roaring engines is finally available on DVD and Blu-ray – namely uncut. Syfy “Blood, bloodier, ‘Blood Drive’” – with this slogan we made it clear in … Read more

Finally uncut after all these years: FSK releases three legendary cult classics after re-examination – Kino News

Warner recently submitted the previously indexed films “Blade”, “Friday the 13th” and “Last Boy Scout” to the FSK for re-examination – with an unsurprising but nevertheless gratifying result: All three got the green light in the uncut version. Warner Bros. Just because a film ended up on the index – that is, it was indexed … Read more

Once indexed sci-fi masterpiece with Arnold Schwarzenegger appears as a noble new edition – uncut & for the first time in 4K – Kino News

20 years after it came onto the index in 1991, Paul Verhoeven’s science fiction cult film “Total Recall” was even released for those aged 16 and over. Now the Schwarzenegger classic appears in a chic new edition – in unprecedented resolution. studio canal Studio Channel is upping the ante! Only a few months after the … Read more

Trailer for the Blumhouse shocker “Bloodline”: Too brutal for an 18 release – still uncut in Germany! – Cinema News

After the horror thriller with Seann William Scott celebrated its world premiere in 2018, “Bloodline” is finally coming to Germany – completely uncut. However, the FSK release was denied to the shocker. Most people will know Seann William Scott as the horny Steve Stifler from the “American Pie” series, but “Lethal Weapon” fans will also … Read more

Once indexed and confiscated: horror milestone celebrates cinema comeback – uncut! – Cinema News

Once indexed and even confiscated, the uncut version of George A. Romero’s “Dawn Of The Dead” finally got the green light from the FSK in 2019. In keeping with Halloween, the film will even be released again in October 2020. Laser Paradise This is how times change: for years it wasn’t that easy to see … Read more

From today on DVD & Blu-ray: The anime highlight of the year, uncut horror and the ultimate “Wixxer” edition – Kino News

Are you eagerly awaiting the successor to “Your Name.” Do you need a horror shocker again or are you wondering what Emilia Clarke has been up to since the end of “Game Of Thrones”? Then it’s worth taking a look at today’s home cinema innovations… Universum Film GmbH / Falcon Media That may not be … Read more

New at Amazon Prime Video: Once indexed horror completely uncut and two real masterpieces – Kino News

This is how times are changing: In the 90s, the bloody horror film was still indexed, today “Chucky 2” is even approved for ages 16 and older after its re-examination – and from today it is also available uncut on Amazon Prime Video. Universal Pictures The sequel to the cult and formerly indexed puppet horror … Read more

New on DVD and Blu-ray: Ex-Index shocker finally uncut & brand new horror longer than in the cinema – Kino News

With “Maniac”, a controversially discussed slasher classic is finally being released completely uncut today, after it recently came off the Index. Also available today: Blumhouse’s “Fantasy Island” in the unrated version. Nameless Media William Lustig’s hard-hitting slasher “Maniac” (1980) didn’t have an easy time with the censorship authorities for a long time. In Germany, for … Read more

Uncut, strictly limited and for the first time in 4K: horror milestone appears in the ultimate edition on Blu-ray [UPDATE] – Cinema News

Horror fans can once again look forward to a real gem: From now on you can secure the limited Ultimate Edition of “American Werewolf” – including 4K, soundtrack and lots of extras. Graham Humphrey/Arrow Video updated: The rush for the Ultimate Edition of “American Werewolf” was even bigger than distributor Turbine expected. The thing was … Read more