“Better than ‘Titanic'”: German trailer for the FSK-18 madness “Harpoon” “shits on real critics’ voices” – Kino News

“Harpoon” is a nasty shocker on the open sea, but in which the (deep black) humor is not neglected. The funny German meta-trailer for the bloody boot chamber game makes that clear. It’s a well-known fact: Many trailers are downright plastered with praise from the trade press. Since nobody checks these quotes or their context … Read more

When the family celebration turns into a bloodbath: German trailer for “Happy Times – A Bloody Celebration” – Kino News

In the German trailer for “Happy Times”, a family celebration becomes a slaughterhouse because the quarrels get more and more out of control and finally someone is accidentally killed. In Happy Times, Yossi (Ido Mor) and Sigal (Liraz Chamami) have invited friends and family to their luxurious Hollywood home for a family celebration. But as … Read more

German trailer for “African Kung Fu Nazis”: Hitler is in Africa and can do karate – Kino News

Hitler builds up a new empire in Ghana and organizes a deadly fighting tournament – compared to what happens in “African Kung Fu Nazis”, “Iron Sky” looks like a ZDF history documentary. Have fun with the German trailer premiere: “African Kung Fu Nazis” is one of those trash films that treats the subject of “National … Read more

Trailer: The big Oscar favorite from Netflix comes to the cinema in Germany – cinema news

“Netflix instead of cinema” was our headline above the message for the trailer for “The Trial Of The Chicago 7”. But that’s wrong, because the film is now coming to cinemas at short notice – and is becoming more and more an Oscar co-favourite. Like the distributor Filmwelt, which has already cooperated with Netflix several … Read more

“Jurassic World” on Netflix: The series is not nearly as bad as it looked in the trailer! – Series news

The “New Adventures” from the Dino-Camp Kreidezeit are currently running on Netflix. A children’s series with cheap animation – that’s what I assumed after the trailer. In fact, the “Jurassic World” series is surprisingly good! Netflix +++ opinion +++ One of the editors should already have a look at the new animated series “Jurassic World: … Read more

Scary trailer for the horror film “Mercy Black”: When dark legends come true… – Kino News

Already in “Dark Legends” legendary horror stories became brutal reality. And also for Marina (Daniella Pineda) the horror does not end after she murdered a classmate many years ago as a child… Of course, horror fans know Bloody Mary, not least from the “Dark Legends” trilogy. But now it’s time for a new urban legend. … Read more

The blood flows in the trailer for the German Netflix series “Barbarians” – series news

As an internationally successful German Netflix original, “Dark” has set the bar quite high for further productions. Can the new series “Barbarians” keep up? We have the first trailer for you: In the 9th century AD: A battle raged in the Teutoburg Forest that eclipsed all previous wars. Germanic warriors meet Roman legions that are … Read more

MCU horror far away from the Avengers: The new trailer for “Helstrom” is dark and bloody – series news

Although “Helstrom” is part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, it has nothing to do with the colorful world of “Avengers” and Co. On the contrary: The new Hulu series is going to be damn dark. But see for yourself: Siblings Daimon (Tom Austen) and Ana Helstrom (Sydney Lemmon) carry a dark legacy in their hearts: … Read more

From the horror mastermind behind “Candyman” and “Hellraiser”: The trailer for “Books Of Blood” is really nasty and disgusting – cinema news

Author Clive Barker is a true horror icon. No less legendary than his novels are their film adaptations, such as “Hellraiser” or “Candyman”. The trailer for “Books Of Blood” now fuels anticipation for another… With his short story collection “Books of Blood”, author Clive Barker established himself as one of the greatest horror authors of … Read more