Stream now on Amazon: two wonderfully nasty horror shockers – cinema news

Rarely have I found newer horror films as nasty (and good!) as two representatives of the 2020 vintage, both of which are now available for streaming and on Blu-ray: “The Invisible One” and “The Lodge”. 2020 Universal Pictures. All rights reserved. +++ Opinion +++ 2020 is a damn nasty horror year for the cinema. On … Read more

Stream outstanding cinema highlight now for free: “False Confessor” on YouTube – cinema news

You can stream films not only on Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and Disney+, but also on YouTube – and sometimes even for free. With “Falscher Bekenner” there is now a brand new real highlight. Piffl media When “Falscher Bekenner” was released in German cinemas in 2006, we considered it one of the best films of … Read more

Uber ride becomes live stream horror trip: Trailer for “Spree” with “Stranger Things” fan favorite Joe Keery – cinema news

In “Stranger Things” Joe Keery became one of the most popular characters as Steve. In the horror film “Spree” he should collect fewer sympathy points. In the trailer he’s already really nasty. Kurt is an Uber driver, but with a special preference. In fact, he doesn’t bring his customers safely to the desired destination at … Read more

Lots of news at Netflix: You can stream these 14 films starting today – cinema news

From disturbing thrillers to hard-hitting old-school action and cult comedy, Netflix has it all and more, starting today with movies like Mother!, London Has Fallen and The Naked Gun! universe movie After a few Netflix films said goodbye yesterday, the streaming giant is back up again just in time for the beginning of the month … Read more

Stream now: One of the best films of 2020 has just landed directly in the home cinema – cinema news

Among the top 30 films of the year on Metacritic, 93 percent on Rotten Tomatoes, but still hardly anyone here talks about “Bad Education”. Almost quietly and secretly, the highlight with Hugh Jackman has now also been released in Germany: HBO One thing right away: Regardless of the fact that we don’t have any criticism … Read more

Only stream in August: Amazon Prime Video is throwing these masterpieces and cult films out of the program – cinema news

From the trash grenade with Arnold Schwarzenegger to the slimy sci-fi horror by David Cronenberg – you can only see numerous highlights for a short time with your Prime subscription. Universal On Amazon Prime Video* there are not only numerous in-house productions such as “The Width of the Night” or relatively current highlights such as … Read more

Before the “Dune” trailer: Stream David Lynch’s version for free – and another “Dune” highlight at the same time – Kino News

Sci-fi fans are eagerly awaiting the theatrical release of “Dune” in December 2020. The first trailer will be available soon. Until then, we recommend two previous Dune themed movies that are now free to stream. Universal Pictures Frank Herbert’s “Dune” novels are sci-fi classics that have occupied Hollywood since the publication of the first volume … Read more

Stream on Amazon from October: A whole horror film universe with eight films from “Halloween” studio Blumhouse – cinema news

Under the title “Welcome To The Blumhouse”, eight independent horror films are to be released very soon, but they are thematically related. Amazon has now secured the genre film package. Blumhouse With his production company Blumhouse Productions, Jason Blum has had a decisive influence on horror cinema over the past two decades. For those who … Read more

Netflix for free: Now you can stream film and series highlights for free – cinema news

Streaming service Netflix is ​​now offering some of its content for free – including the start of the hit series “Stranger Things”, the Adam Sandler hit “Murder Mystery” and the exciting thriller “Bird Box”. Netflix “Watch some of our favorite series and movies for free now” is written in big letters on a new Netflix … Read more

Disney + instead of cinema: Today the next film after “Mulan” is available as a stream – but at no additional cost! – Cinema News

It was actually planned for the cinema, but no: Like “Mulan”, “The One True Ivan” is coming directly to Disney+. From today you can stream the children’s book adaptation with Bryan Cranston, Danny DeVito, Sam Rockwell and Angelina Jolie with a normal subscription. Disney Bryan Cranston (“Breaking Bad”), Sam Rockwell (“Moon”), Danny DeVito (“Jumanji 2: … Read more