“The Boys” spin-off is coming! This is what the new Amazon series should look like – series news

Good times for all fans of “The Boys” on Amazon Prime Video. The second season is currently running and a third is to come. Now the makers have announced another project: “The Boys” is getting a spin-off! Amazon In the Amazon series The Boys, superheroes are celebrated like Hollywood celebrities – with all the usual … Read more

“The Walking Dead” replenishment new on Amazon Prime Video: Launch of the spin-off “World Beyond” – series news

October is all about The Walking Dead. The new series “The Walking Dead: World Beyond” starts on October 2nd on Prime Video. You can also find out what else awaits you this month with us! Amazon Should we be worried that with the announcement of the end of The Walking Dead after season 11, there … Read more

“The Walking Dead”: This is what awaits you in the spin-off to Daryl and Carol – series news

The finale of the 10th season “The Walking Dead” is coming up, “World Beyond” has started – but the makers are planning much further ahead: A spin-off series about the fan favorites Daryl and Carol is also to come. There are already hints about the content… Jace Downs/AMC If you have lost track of which … Read more

Spin-off to the brutal Amazon series “The Boys”: “X-Men” parody as a template

The Boys takes a swipe at superhero comics, most notably the adventures of the Justice League. Meanwhile, a recently announced spin-off takes a comic element as a model, with which the “X-Men” are being fooled. Amazon Prime Video The Boys series creator Eric Kripke has revealed a little more about the spin-off to his acclaimed … Read more

Canceled after just 2 seasons: End for “Bad Boys” spin-off series -Series News

The second season of the action series “LA’s Finest” started in September 2020 – and it is now known that it will not continue after that. The “Bad Boys” spin-off starring Jessica Alba and Gabrielle Union will not get a third season. Erica Parise / Sony Pictures Television / Spectrum Originals While on the big … Read more

More from Olaf from “Frozen” soon! German trailer for the spin-off “Once upon a time there was a snowman” – Kino News

Fan favorite Olaf gets his own short film on Disney+. The spin-off of “Frozen – Die Eiskönigin” is about the adventures that the snowman experiences on his own. Here is the German trailer of Once Upon a Snowman: In “Once Upon a Snowman” the lovable Olaf has a bit of an identity crisis and is … Read more

The horror sensation continues: “A Quiet Place” gets a spin-off – and the director fits perfectly! – Cinema News

In the world of “A Quiet Place” there is an exciting premise – only those who are absolutely still survive! Now, after two films about Evelyn (Emily Blunt) and her family, a spin-off is to come in which the post-apocalyptic world will be expanded. Paramount In 2018, the horror thriller “A Quiet Place” about aliens … Read more

“American Horror Stories”: Disturbing first poster for the spin-off is in the tradition of “AHS” – series news

Ryan Murphy’s horror series American Horror Story is getting its first spinoff: American Horror Stories. Not only the titles of the series are very similar, the first poster for the new series is also very reminiscent of the parent series… fx Anyone who knows the horror anthology series “American Horror Story” knows that not only … Read more

For the time being no Jason Momoa in “The Witcher: Blood Origin”: These are the main characters in the Netflix spin-off series news

It is not yet clear whether Jason Momoa will play in the “The Witcher” prequel “Blood Origin”, but one thing is clear: in addition to the first witcher, who he may have embodied, there will also be two female main characters, about whom we now have the first information. Warner Bros. / Netflix Jason Momoa … Read more

Creative differences in “The Batman” spin-off: series loses mastermind – series news

A streaming series about corrupt Gotham is set to be released to accompany The Batman, starring Robert Pattinson. Terence Winter (“Boardwalk Empire”) was supposed to be the showrunner – but his ideas didn’t suit the producers. Warner Bros. Matt Reeves’ The Batman isn’t the only new story about the Dark Knight. In addition to possible … Read more