Crazy sci-fi spectacle: killer sharks, Nazi zombies and more await you in the new trailer for “Sky Sharks” – cinema news

It’s been four years since we saw the first trailer for Sky Sharks. The new preview of the trash festival with Oliver Kalkofe, among others, suggests that the film will be released soon… If you take a look at the trash film trends of the last few years, two elements stand out that have proven … Read more

German trailer for “Deep Blue Sea 3”: Nature strikes back with sharks! – Cinema News

Humanity is sawing off the branch it is sitting on. In Deep Blue Sea 3, climate change is causing the evil sharks to become even more aggressive than they already are. “Deep Blue Sea 3” will be an eco-exploitation film: In this cheap thriller, climate change and the associated displacement of animals from their habitats … Read more

Sharks & a killer robot: The films of the #SchleFaZ Advent season with Oliver Kalkofe and Peter Rütten – Kino News

During the Advent season, Oliver Kalkofe and Peter Rütten once again unpack the worst films of all time on Tele 5. Among other things, there are sharks and a killer robot – and everything else that a SchleFaZ squadron needs… Tele5 Since 2013, Oliver Kalkofe and Peter Rütten have been presenting the worst films of … Read more

German trailer for the horror film “Black Water: Abyss”: Like “47 Meters Down 2”, but with crocodiles instead of sharks! – Cinema News

In the sequel to the indie horror hit “Black Water,” a group of cavers confront extremely hungry crocodiles. At FILMSTARTS there is the German trailer for “Black Water: Abyss” exclusively first: Like the indie hits “Open Water” or “47 Meters Down”, 2007’s “Black Water” is a very minimalist animal horror film that is precisely what … Read more

“Thor 4” is supposed to be so crazy: space sharks, Star-Lord and Thunder Goddess Jane Foster – cinema news

Confirmation came this week: Chris Pratt is starring as Star-Lord in Thor 4: Love And Thunder. The perfect time for our video editor and comics expert Sebastian to take a deeper look at the Marvel adventure. It’s not really surprising that Chris Pratt stars in Thor 4: Love And Thunder alongside Chris Hemsworth. We even … Read more

Aliens, sharks and much more: Trailer for “Shark Encounters Of The Third Kind” – cinema news

In the cult format “SchleFaZ – The Worst Films of All Time” it is a tradition to mock miserable shark films – like today’s November 27th, “Planet Of The Sharks”. According to the trailer, “Shark Encounters Of The Third Kind” is a good choice for the future. We don’t like to infer the finished film … Read more

Crazy sci-fi spectacle: The German trailer for “Sky Sharks” fires off a bloody trash firework – cinema news

Invisible killer sharks, mutated Nazis and SchleFaZ icon Oliver Kalkofe: “Sky Sharks” basically has everything you need for a humorous trash film evening. You are not convinced? Then maybe the new trailer for the sci-fi madness will change that! When trash movies made waves in the recent past, there was a pretty good chance that … Read more

It doesn’t get any more crazy today: In the “Sharks Of The Corn” trailer, sharks attack in corn fields – cinema news

If after the confusing Sharks Of The Corn trailer you’re wondering what exactly the plot of this trashy shark horror movie is – don’t worry, we’ll explain it to you below. Now have fun with the preview: In the trailer for “Sharks Of The Corn” there is a varied quote of the most famous line … Read more

Ravenous sharks hunt vloggers: German trailer for “Surrounded – Deadly Bay” – Kino News

Even 45 years after the over-classic “Jaws”, the sharp-toothed predatory fish still spread fear and terror in the film world – now also in the thriller “Surrounded”, for which we exclusively present you the German trailer: The daredevil Paige (Gina Vitori) loves to throw herself into turbulent adventures with her friends, which the troupe accompanies … Read more

“Thor 4” comes with superstars, space sharks & the Guardians Of The Galaxy: This is how “Love And Thunder” continues – cinema news

After “Thor 3: Day of Decision” it will probably continue with “Thor 4: Love And Thunder” in a very similar way. This is not only ensured by the again responsible director and author Taika Waititi, but also by the crazy story and the numerous cameos. 2021 Disney and its affiliates. “Thor 3: Day of Decision” … Read more