Sterilize or stop having sex at all? The German trailer for the midlife crisis comedy “Fixed – Small Cut, Big Panic” – Kino News

Alonso Mayo describes in his comedy “Fixed – Kleiner Cut,big Panik” how men feel when their wives no longer want sex and demand a big incision. Here is the German trailer: Sex used to be great and wild, but now that they have two children, Allan’s (Andy Comeau) married life isn’t what it used to … Read more

Sun, surfing, sex and a treasure hunt: Here is the trailer for the new Netflix series “Outer Banks” – series news

Even Netflix can’t always only produce series and films with stars, so why not try it with unknown, but also unused faces? We have enough time at the moment. Here’s the trailer for Outer Banks On a chain of islands in North Carolina known as the Outer Banks, tanned, ultra-cool John B. lives and hangs … Read more

In the new Netflix series, teens have problems with sex: trailer for “Never in my life…” – Serie News

In the new Netflix original series “Never in my life…” things really get down to business – or at least protagonist Devi would like it to. The comedy series about a high school student is based on the life of Mindy Kaling. Do you know Mindy Kaling? If not, you should definitely watch The Office … Read more

Now new on Netflix: THE comedy mega hit of 2018 and a potential “Sex Education” successor – Kino News

If you love romantic comedy and are waiting for a series reminiscent of “Sex Education”, you should check out Netflix today. With “Crazy Rich” there is also a mega-successful feature film replenishment for the streaming service. Feature film or series? Today, April 27, 2020, Netflix is ​​launching two pretty interesting productions that we strongly recommend … Read more

Top-class erotic drama on VoD instead of in the cinema: In “Queen” a mother has sex with her stepson – Kino News

The Swedish-Danish production “Königin” was actually supposed to hit the cinemas on May 9, 2020. However, the cinemas have closed. But you can still watch the film – and you absolutely should! Festival Films “Cleverly written, self-confidently staged, excellently acted – this is top-class European cinema,” says our 4.5-star review of “Königin” on film starts … Read more

Looks like the unofficial “Sex And The City” prequel: German trailer for “Lady-Like” – Kino News

Why should it always be the boys having fun? The female students can also let it rip at the university, without forgetting friendship and romance. Here’s the trailer for Lady-Like: The often badass Allie (Stephanie Simbari) is the center of attention at every college party. “Having sex, love and a boyfriend should be fun,” she … Read more

Bloody trailer for “Crossing Swords”: Cute dolls have sex and swear – series news

Crossing Sword is the new animated series from the creators of Robot Chicken and is about a brave squire in a rather brutal and kinky fantasy world. You can watch the trailer here: For those who watched the Crossing Swords trailer above, it’s no wonder that two of the creators of Robot Chicken, John Harvatine … Read more

Sex doll instead of scientists: A crazy series tip (not only) for “Rick & Morty” fans – series news

Just a few weeks ago, the 4th season of “Rick And Morty” finally continued, and there are supplies for fans again – albeit differently than you might think. Because “Dummy” is about series creator Dan Harmon’s sex doll. AdultSwim Are you die-hard “Rick And Morty” fans and looking for something suitable to bridge the waiting … Read more

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Netflix hit “365 Days”: That’s why the sex scenes look so real – cinema news

The erotic thriller “365 Days” (original title: “365 dni”) is a Netflix hit, not least thanks to the quite revealing sex scenes. Cameraman Bartek Cierlica now reveals how the eroticism was created during the shoot through camera work and the set atmosphere. Netflix “Is that real?” Many viewers may have asked themselves this question when … Read more