After “Enola Holmes”: This could continue in a sequel on Netflix – cinema news

Enola Holmes is based on the first book in a book series. A sequel could therefore adapt the second book “The Case Of The Left-Handed Lady” (or in the original “The Case Of The Left-Handed Lady”). So what would Enola Holmes 2 be about then? Netflix Enola Holmes is an adaptation of the first book … Read more

New on Netflix this week: sequel to cult comedy and true crime replenishment – Kino News

With “Lommbock” Netflix has the sequel to the stoner comedy classic “Lammbock” new in the program this week. There is also a true crime documentary about a not-so-perfect family and a lot more. Wild Bunch Germany The complete October overview of Netflix reboots has already been published. You can look forward to Adam Sandler, Horror … Read more

“Matrix 4”: This is known about the sequel to “Matrix: Revolutions” – Kino News

KABEL EINS is showing “Matrix 3: Revolutions” from 8:15 p.m. today. “Matrix 4” is to follow in cinemas in 2022. Details of the content of the late sequel are not yet known – but fans can look forward to some returnees. Warner Bros. The following are spoilers for The Matrix 3 The Matrix 4 was … Read more

“The Prince from Zamunda 2” is not coming to the cinema: cult sequel in 2020 at Amazon – cinema news

Like some other films in the Corona year 2020, “The Prince from Zamunda 2” with Eddie Murphy will not be released in cinemas, but instead published directly on the Internet – in this case on Amazon Prime Video. Paramount HomeEntertainment It’s no longer a surprise, but now it’s (quasi) official: like the US industry magazine … Read more

“Avatar” sequel is coming in January 2021 (but not as a film) – cinema news

The new “Avatar” films have been postponed several times and will start in December 2022 at the earliest. However, an “Avatar” comic series has now been announced for January 2021 – it is the first sequel ever. The Walt Disney Company The new Avatar films continue the story of former Corporal Jake Sully (Sam Worthington), … Read more

New on Amazon Prime Video: A comedy sequel that’s even funnier (and scarier) than the original! – Cinema News

The Edgar Wallace parody “Der Wixxer” attracted more than 1.8 million visitors to German cinemas in 2004. So it’s no wonder that “News from the Wixxer” was followed by a sequel – and it’s now available on Amazon Prime Video. Constantine Film Sure, the Edgar Wallace films have a very special status in Germany – … Read more

“Creed 3”: Michael B. Jordan is said to direct the “Rocky” sequel himself – Kino News

The “Rocky” series has already been continued with two “Creed” films, and now a third film is to come – and leading actor Michael B. Jordan could take his place in the director’s chair for the first time. MGM / Warner Bros. In a background article about the probably rejected offers to Hollywood studio MGM … Read more

After “Rebecca” on Netflix: director makes monster shark sequel – cinema news

Ben Wheatley really seems to want to let off steam in a wide variety of areas. He has just presented the Hitchcock remake “Rebecca” for Netflix, now he is on board for “The Meg 2”. Warner Bros. Warner has entrusted Ben Wheatley with the task of continuing the wacky monster shark action “Meg” with “The … Read more

“Wrath of the Titans” doesn’t get a sequel – but Netflix now offers a bloody replacement – series news

“Clash of the Titans 3” with “Avatar” star Sam Worthington is still on hold. But if you need fresh mythology supplies that are also much more brutal, thanks to “Blood Of Zeus” you will now find what you are looking for on Netflix. Warner Bros. / Netflix As today’s Friday blockbuster at 8:15 p.m., ProSieben … Read more