Study finds: This is the scariest horror film of all time – Kino News

Part of horror is getting the creeps and frightening yourself. The heart must beat faster. And a small study has now determined which films this happens particularly frequently and violently. Wild Bunch Germany A company that originally specializes in finding the right broadband internet provider in the UK has now carried out a study they … Read more

New Halloween horror movies on Amazon Prime Video – featuring one of the scariest movies of all time – Kino News

Just in time for Halloween, Prime customers can get the creeps out with one of the most disturbing horror movies ever: the found footage classic The Blair Witch Project. Also new in the programme: “The Boy 1+2”. Arthouse film distribution At the end of the 1990s, the Blair Witch Project was a horror film that … Read more

Spectacular “John Wick 4” newcomer: Keanu Reeves meets the scariest of all Stephen King villains – Kino News

As if it weren’t awesome enough that action cult star Donnie Yen is part of “John Wick: Chapter 4”, Bill Skarsgård, the actor of the nightmare clown Pennywise from Stephen King’s “IT” is now joining the cast around Keanu Reeves. Concorde Film distribution GmbH When “John Wick 4” is shot in Germany, Japan and France … Read more

‘American Horror Stories’ Poster Revealed: One of the Parent Series’ Scariest Characters Is Also in the Spin-Off! – Series news

American Horror Story creator Ryan Murphy previously hinted at the return of Season 1’s Rubber Man. At the time, we thought the creepy character would make an appearance in Season 10, but now it’s clear: he’ll appear in the spin-off! fx “American Horror Story” and “American Horror Stories” – series creator Ryan Murphy could hardly … Read more

New ‘American Horror Stories’ Trailer Shows Off One Of Parent Show’s Scariest Characters – With One Big Difference

The trailer for “American Horror Stories” is full of monsters and killers. Among them is a female variant of the so-called Rubber Man, who already scared us in season 1 of “American Horror Story”: American Horror Stories is fast approaching its US launch on July 15th, which is why we’ve been seeing more and more … Read more

In 2 days at the cinema: Trailer for the horror highlight from the Marvel director who shot the “scariest movie of all time” – Kino News

In 2020, Scott Derrickson’s shocker “Sinister” was considered the “scariest film of all time” – and not just like that, but based on a scientific study. Now the director delivers another real horror highlight with “The Black Phone”: Last week, FILMSTARTS and Moviepilot went on a big tour of Germany to introduce you to the … Read more

New in home cinema: The sequel to the scariest Batman film & an earlier indexed horror slasher – cinema news

The wait is over: “Batman: The Long Halloween” is now being told to the end in the home cinema. There’s also an 80’s slasher starring “Exorcist” star Linda Blair that used to be on the Index, now available in retail with new HD coverage. M Square Classics This week, among other things, the sequel to … Read more

The Scariest Robot Disasters Ever

Artificial intelligence and robotics are among the most important developments that can advance human civilization. However, both artificial intelligence and robots are the subject of many discussions. The main axis of these discussions is issues such as ethics, morality, self and will! Also, some people think that the concept of “robots taking over the world”, … Read more

New study finds this is the scariest horror movie of all time – and you’ve probably never heard of it – Kino News

As early as 2020, researchers had scientifically determined the scariest horror films of all time. But now there is an update: “Sinister” is no longer the No. 1 scary shocker, but a horror film called “Host” shot during the pandemic. RLJE Films In 2020, the so-called Science Of Scare-Project launched by British company Broadband Choices. … Read more

From the Marvel director who made what was once the scariest movie of all time: Trailer for the horror film “The Black Phone” – Kino News

According to a scientific study, Scott Derrickson’s Sinister was the scariest horror film of all time. After his foray into the MCU with Doctor Strange, the filmmaker returns to horror with The Black Phone. Similar to Sam Raimi, James Gunn or David F. Sandberg (and many others), Scott Derrickson also became known with horror films … Read more