First short trailer for “Monster Hunter” reveals giant monsters – cinema release already in 2020?! – Cinema News

Director Paul WS Anderson and actress Milla Jovovich reopen the monster hunt after the “Resident Evil” series. The theatrical release was recently postponed to April 2021, but the first mini-trailer now says December 2020! After we once speculated that “Monster Hunter” might even be seen in 2019, the film’s US theatrical release was finally set … Read more

Long Trailer For Stephen King Adaptation ‘The Stand’ Reveals Alexander Skarsgård As Main Villain Randall Flagg

A new, star-studded series adaptation of Stephen King’s The Stand is coming to US streaming service CBA All Access later this year. Now there is a new, long trailer: The first very short teaser trailer for “The Stand” revealed little other than the start date: The US streaming service CBA All Access will start on … Read more

“The Boys” maker reveals: In season 3 we see a new superhero team – series news

Well, “heroes”: The Seven may be superheroes on paper, but anyone who has seen “The Boys” knows how Homelander & Co. really tick. And the new Team Payback around Soldier Boy, which we see in Season 3, probably won’t get much better either… Amazon The Boys is based on Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson’s comic … Read more

Fan favorite in “Borat 2”: Now the babysitter speaks and reveals what she knew – cinema news

Jeanise Jones is the name of a woman who conquers the hearts of the audience with “Borat 2” – because she leads the main character’s daughter back on the right path with sincere and clear words. Now she speaks publicly. Amazon Prime Video As with “Borat”, there is also a framework story in “Borat 2” … Read more

Jackie Chan reveals: That’s why he doesn’t make Hollywood films anymore – Kino News

Jackie Chan revolutionized action cinema in the 1980s and also conquered Hollywood in the 1990s. But he has been rare there for some time. And there are reasons why he hardly ever stands in front of the camera for US productions anymore. Metropolitan Film Export Already a superstar in his home country, Hong Kong action … Read more

Dwayne Johnson reveals new picture of “Red Notice”: That’s why it’s the most expensive Netflix film of all time! – Cinema News

We’ve been reading a lot about the most expensive Netflix film of all time “Red Notice” lately. Big bucks go to superstars Dwayne Johnson, Ryan Reynolds & Gal Gadot, but now we know what else the budget is splurging on… Paramount Pictures France / Netflix With a budget of $160 million, “Red Notice” is currently … Read more

After “Fantastic Beasts” comes Stephen King’s “The Stand”: Star reveals secret role – with first pictures!

Just yesterday we got to see the latest trailer for the latest adaptation of Stephen King’s The Stand. Now “Beasts” and DC star Ezra Miller announced that he is also part of the series – in a very special role… 1. Ezra Miller in “The Stand” + © CBS With well over 1,000 pages, “The … Read more

After almost 75 years: Disney finally reveals the big Christmas secret – series news

In addition to being legendary for wealth, Scrooge McDuck has a legendary dislike for Christmas. And now Disney will finally reveal why that is and where his hatred stems from. Of course it has something to do with money… Walt Disney When the legendary Disney cartoonist Carl Barks came up with the character Scrooge McDuck, … Read more

After ‘Supernatural’ comes ‘The Boys’: Jensen Ackles reveals what Dean Winchester and Soldier Boy have in common

After 15 years of “Supernatural”, Jensen Ackles now expect new acting challenges. However, when he becomes the superhero Soldier Boy in The Boys season 3, he does at least have one funny thing in common with Dean Winchester. Jeff Weddell/The CW // Panagiotis Pantazidis // Amazon Jensen Ackles played Dean Winchester on Supernatural for 15 … Read more

Ben Affleck’s “The Batman” would have been so dark: the actor reveals new details – cinema news

Ben Affleck was once set to make a Batman film, but the project dubbed The Batman is now being directed by Matt Reeves and starring Robert Pattinson. After all, Deathstroke actor Joe Manganiello now revealed details about the original plans. Warner Bros. After his appearances in Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice, Suicide Squad and … Read more