Tough series tip: “Gangs Of London” is the perfect “The Raid 3” replacement – series news

The Raid 3 was high on my wish list for a long time, but that’s history now. With “Gangs Of London” director Gareth Evans delivers pretty much exactly what I would have hoped for from a third part. Sky UK Limited +++ Opinion +++ “The Raid” was straight-forward shooting fireworks, “The Raid 2” was a … Read more

“American Horror Story” replacement: German trailer for the Netflix thriller series “Ratched” – series news

Unfortunately, we have to do without the 10th season of “American Horror Story” in 2020. With the “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest” prequel “Ratched”, led by “AHS” veteran Sarah Paulson, there could soon be an adequate alternative. As with many other series, the “American Horror Story” timetable was thrown upside down due to the … Read more

“Wrath of the Titans” doesn’t get a sequel – but Netflix now offers a bloody replacement – series news

“Clash of the Titans 3” with “Avatar” star Sam Worthington is still on hold. But if you need fresh mythology supplies that are also much more brutal, thanks to “Blood Of Zeus” you will now find what you are looking for on Netflix. Warner Bros. / Netflix As today’s Friday blockbuster at 8:15 p.m., ProSieben … Read more

Replacement for Johnny Depp in “Fantastic Beasts 3” officially confirmed: Mads Mikkelsen is the new Gellert Grindelwald – cinema news

Mads Mikkelsen recently denied that he will replace Johnny Depp in “Fantastic Beasts 3”. But that was probably just the usual banter. Because now it has been officially confirmed. Warner Bros. Hollywood studio Warner has announced that Mads Mikkelsen will play Gellert Grindelwald in the “Fantastic Beasts” series. He makes his debut in the role … Read more

Replacement for “Alien 5”? “District 9” makers secretly filmed a new sci-fi horror thriller

As is well known, nothing came of his planned “Alien 5”. And he has also turned his back on the classic sequel “RoboCop Returns”. Instead, sci-fi hope Neill Blomkamp has now filmed horror original material during the pandemic. 20th Century Studios South African filmmaker Neill Blomkamp once earned a reputation as one of the most … Read more

New in home cinema: “Monster Hunter” replacement and horror replenishment for “Crawl” fans – Kino News

The theatrical release of “Monster Hunter” will not increase until 2021, the trash version “Monster Hunters” is already available from today. Fans of croc horrors like Crawl can also look forward to the creature feature sequel Black Water: Abyss. Leonine Yesterday film fans could look forward to a lot of home cinema highlights – from … Read more

Worthy replacement for “The Equalizer 3” with Denzel Washington? Trailer for the new “Equalizer” series – series news

While fans of the “Equalizer” films with Denzel Washington are still waiting in vain for part 3, the new reboot in series format starts this year with “The Equalizer” – with Queen Latifah in the leading role. Now there’s a first trailer. Many fans of popular one man army movies like Taken or John Wick … Read more

Netflix grabs “A Quiet Place 2” replacement with “Maze Runner” star Dylan O’Brien in the monster apocalypse – Kino News

While we’re still waiting for the theatrical release of the monster-horror “A Quiet Place 2,” a movie is coming to Netflix that’s also about monsters and the post-apocalypse. However, “Love And Monsters” is a bit lighter in tone. Paramount Pictures / Netflix Maze Runner star roams in Love And Monsters Dylan O’Brien through a world … Read more

The Netflix highlights in April 2021: superhero action, “A Quiet Place 2” replacement, fantasy supplies & more – Kino News

Netflix hasn’t yet announced the full list of movies and series coming to the streaming service in April. But some potential highlights are already certain – such as “Thunder Force”, “Love And Monsters” and “Shadow And Bone”. Netflix Netflix usually only gives an overview of what new features await subscribers in the following month at … Read more

New in home cinema: Epic “Godzilla Vs. Kong” replacement, the next Bruce Willis thriller & the new “Avatar” box – Kino News

Even before “Godzilla Vs. Kong” finally hits German cinemas on July 1, there’s fresh supplies for G fans today with “Godzilla: A City on the Edge of Battle”. Also new: “Hard Kill” and a new “Avatar” complete box. 2019 Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. and Legendary Pictures Productions, LLC We bring you back some big and … Read more