“Red Notice”: Ryan Reynolds shares a new picture of the (for the time being) most expensive Netflix film of all time – cinema news

“Red Notice” with superstars Gal Gadot, Dwayne Johnson and Ryan Reynolds is said to cost $160 million, making the action comedy the most expensive Netflix film of all time (for now!). Now there is a new picture of the shooting. Christian Black/Netflix In just a few years, Netflix has grown big enough to spend budgets … Read more

The most expensive Netflix film of all time: Dwayne Johnson shares a new picture for “Red Notice” – cinema news

As things stand, “Red Notice” is the most expensive Netflix film of all time (although the next, even more expensive film is already in the starting blocks). Co-lead actor Dwayne Johnson has now shared a new picture and raved about the camera. Paramount Pictures France / Netflix With an estimated budget of $160 million, Red … Read more

This is how “The Blacklist” continues: In the trailer for the 8th season it says Liz vs. Red – series news

After the exciting finale of season 7 “The Blacklist”, partly animated due to the Corona crisis, fans of the hit series are looking forward to the big confrontation between Liz and Red. And the Season 8 trailer teases this… In the premiere of the eighth season of “The Blacklist”, crime kingpin and FBI informant Raymond … Read more

Dwayne Johnson reveals new picture of “Red Notice”: That’s why it’s the most expensive Netflix film of all time! – Cinema News

We’ve been reading a lot about the most expensive Netflix film of all time “Red Notice” lately. Big bucks go to superstars Dwayne Johnson, Ryan Reynolds & Gal Gadot, but now we know what else the budget is splurging on… Paramount Pictures France / Netflix With a budget of $160 million, “Red Notice” is currently … Read more

Brings back memories of “Fast & Furious”: New picture of Dwayne Johnson in the Netflix blockbuster “Red Notice” – cinema news

Muscular guys in front of fast cars, that’s more familiar from the “Fast & Furious” series. But “Red Notice” (aka “the most expensive Netflix film of all time”) apparently comes up with such scenes, as a new picture from The Rock shows. Universal Pictures / Netflix No, let’s not start again with the fact that … Read more

Reminiscent of probably the most embarrassing Dwayne Johnson photo: New picture for the Netflix blockbuster “Red Notice” – cinema news

After a picture of Dwayne Johnson in Red Notice recently exuded “Fast & Furious” vibes, a new look at the Netflix actioner is now more reminiscent of a legendary, embarrassing photo of The Rock… Universal Pictures Dwayne Johnson isn’t getting tired of providing us with new impressions of his upcoming action spectacle “Red Notice” every … Read more

When muscles become a problem: Dwayne Johnson shares a funny picture from the set of the Netflix blockbuster “Red Notice” – Kino News

The shooting of “Red Notice” has been completed. An amusing anecdote that Dwayne Johnson now shared shows that there were other challenges to be overcome on the set in addition to the corona pandemic. In this case, his stature was to blame. Universal Pictures For a few weeks now, Dwayne Johnson has been posting pictures … Read more

The red dog is just too red: This trailer apparently destroys the childhood memories of many Twitter users – cinema news

The “Clifford the Big Red Dog” stories gained enormous popularity again, especially through the TV series of the same name from the nineties. But many fans from back then apparently didn’t agree with the live-action Clifford at all… “Clifford the Big Red Dog” is the hero of a children’s book series by Norman Bridwell, which … Read more

Pure horror in the trailer for the Netflix horror film “Red Dot” – you will never romp around in the snow carefree again! – Cinema News

The “red dot” in the title of the Netflix horror film is meant literally: the red laser point of a sniper drives a couple on winter vacation in the middle of the white snow desert almost insane – and to their death? Imagine you are standing in the middle of a beautiful, snow-covered landscape, there … Read more

New to Amazon Prime Video: A red hot hit comedy movie starring Robert De Niro and two very different classics – Kino News

In the USA, “Always Trouble with Grandpa” was one of the few big theatrical releases during the corona pandemic and was even quite successful. In Germany it is now available as a subscription to Amazon Prime Video – as are two very different classics. EuroVideo/Amazon Amazon Prime Video still has new films that are included … Read more