Stream quickly: These 25 films are only available on Netflix until the day after tomorrow – cinema news

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Amazon Prime Video throws out almost 100 (!) films: Stream masterpieces, blockbusters & more quickly now – cinema news

In November there will be many new films on Amazon that can be streamed with a Prime subscription at no additional cost. At the same time, almost 100 titles are thrown out, for example some masterpieces, “Transformers 1-4” and “Mission: Impossible 1-4”. Splendid Film GmbH / Amazon Prime Video In addition to the so-called originals, … Read more

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Stream quickly until the weekend: Netflix throws two of the best films of the last 10 years out of the program – cinema news

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Netflix is ​​cleaning up the catalog again. After Sunday, among others, “Bang Boom Bang” and the “Nightmare on Elm Street” remake will be eliminated. In addition, “211” gets caught with Nicolas Cage, who is only for die-hard Cage fans anyway. Senator Film Distribution Sometimes it’s sad when Netflix kicks a movie out of the catalog, … Read more