First picture: Michael Jackson’s daughter Paris plays Jesus

A first picture shows us Paris Jackson as Jesus in “Habit”, an indie film from debut director Janell Shirtcliff. The project has now been presented to a larger public for the first time – certainly not coincidentally right after Easter – and should immediately attract attention due to the cast. Above all, it should play … Read more

The Chinese City That Is A Replica Of Paris: Tianducheng

China, one of the largest economies of recent years, is known for its ability to imitate and produce almost all products that exist in the world. World-famous cars, mobile phones, everyday items… Did you know that China also imitates and “reproduces” Paris, the capital of France? Yes, the city named Tianducheng in China looks exactly … Read more

Jazz! Paris! Gangster! Love! Here’s the swinging trailer for Netflix series ‘The Eddy’ – Series News

The Eddy was created with the participation of Oscar winner Damien Chazelle. The “La La Land” director directed two episodes of the mini-series, among others. Above all, the cast around André Holland makes you want more. Here’s the trailer: Originally from New York, Elliot Udo (André Holland) was once a celebrated jazz pianist. He now … Read more

The new Netflix series from the “Sex and the City” maker: German trailer for “Emily in Paris” – series news

It’s been 16 years since “Sex and the City” has been up and down on TV. Now, screenwriter and producer Darren Star has made a new series for Netflix: Emily in Paris. We have the trailer with German subtitles for you! A dream comes true for Emily (Lily Collins): she is allowed to move to … Read more

“Emily in Paris”: Where is the cool phone case from the Netflix series? – Series news

You might have fallen in love with Emily (Lily Collins) or Gabriel (Lucas Bravo) on the show Emily in Paris—or maybe Emily’s phone case, which viewers immediately tweeted about. We tell you where you can buy them. Netflix “Emily in Paris” is the new series from “Sex And The City” creator Darren Star and has … Read more

‘Emily in Paris’ on Netflix: What the Final Cliffhanger Really Means – Series News

Season 1 of the Netflix series Emily in Paris ends with a surprise for Emily. What this means for the characters and for Season 2, Lily Colins and her co-stars, as well as series creator Darren Star, have very different views. Netflix Warning: Spoilers follow for Season 1 of Emily in Paris. The romantic series … Read more

“Emily in Paris”: So it is with season 2 and a possible threesome between Emily, Camille and Gabriel – series news

Did our imagination run away with us when we read the headline? No, because the stars and creators of the Netflix hit see a threesome relationship for season 2 of “Emily in Paris” as an option. But will there be another season? Netflix Emily in Paris season 1 spoilers follow In the Netflix series “Emily … Read more

“Emily in Paris” trouble: cliché olé – but is it really that bad? – Series news

If you google “Emily in Paris” there seems to be only one topic: how awful and cliched the Netflix series is and how upset the French are about it! FILMSTARTS editor Annemarie Havran takes a close look at it. Netflix +++ Opinion +++ Emily, it never works like that: If you read the articles and … Read more

Hip-hop meets ballet: German trailer for “StreetDance: Paris” – Kino News

As in “StreetDance 3D”, two seemingly incompatible dance styles are now combined in “StreetDance: Paris – Let’s Dance”. We can exclusively present you the German trailer for the French dance film. Actually, Joseph (Rayane Bensetti) was supposed to take over his father’s business, but the passionate dancer would rather pursue his true passion in Paris. … Read more

“Emily in London” instead of “Emily in Paris”? For season 2, Lily Collins is planning a trip to Europe – series news

Disturbs many Parisians as portrayed in Season 1 of the Netflix series Emily in Paris. Will it hit the Londoners or maybe the Berliners in a possible second season? In any case, Lily Collins wants to take a trip to Europe. Netflix The second season of “Emily in Paris”, in which a young American woman … Read more