Horror hit series is really continued: “Paranormal Activity 7” is coming and should do some things differently – cinema news

The last message was almost exactly a year ago, but now the seventh part of the “Paranormal Activity” series has taken a big step forward: a director has been found in Will Eubank and there are a few more details. Paramount Pictures At intervals of about a year, reports about “Paranormal Activity 7” came in, … Read more

The horror continues: German trailer for “Paranormal Activity 7: Next Of Kin” – Kino News

The official “Paranormal Activity” series already includes a total of six films. But you don’t have to have seen them all to understand the new one. Here’s the trailer for Paranormal Activity: Next Of Kin: With “Paranormal Activity 7: Next Of Kin” we can expect the next chapter of the successful horror franchise in which … Read more