For Disney’s “Peter Pan” live action: Jude Law as an iconic villain – Kino News

With “Peter Pan & Wendy” Disney is planning a live-action adaptation of their own animated film “Peter Pan” from 1953. Now the cast of the villain role seems to be in the offing: Jude Law is to become Captain Hook. Marvel Studios Like the industry magazine Variety reports, negotiations are underway between Jude Law and … Read more

“Peter Pan & Wendy”: Tinkerbell actress found for Disney’s live-action adaptation! – Cinema News

The most important roles for Disney’s “Peter Pan” live-action adaptation have already been determined. Jude Law will be Captain Hook and Alexander Molony will play Pan. Now it has been announced who will slip into the role of the fairy Tinkerbell! Disney Live-action adaptations of well-known and well-loved Disney films have become quite popular in … Read more