10 Valuable Painters Who Will Change Your View of Abstract Art with Their Paintings

Today, the abstract art movement is seen as an integral part of the modern art movement. This movement, spearheaded by many forward-thinking 20th century painters, represents a significant shift in modernism. The abstract art movement, which acts as a catalyst for contemporary art, caused serious reactions because it rejected the rules of traditional art. Whereas, … Read more

10 Most Famous Paintings In History And The Real People In These Paintings

Throughout history, many talented painters have painted magnificent paintings. Different painting movements that emerged in different periods of history led to the emergence of incredible works in terms of both technique and content. Extremely realistic depictions, interesting use of colors, magnificent light plays… Of course, among these magnificent works, there were also some interesting portrait … Read more

We finally found out what people were thinking in these 12 medieval paintings. Maybe

04/06/2015, 21:1807.04.2015, 14:20 consequences The medieval painters decorated all kinds of things: the books were decorated with tiny drawings, on the walls of the churches the martyrs, the Holy Virgin, choirs of angels and the Son of God beamed down on the sinners. A religious breath wafted from everywhere. Perhaps we can no longer feel … Read more

What the little animals in Renaissance paintings have lost

picture: watson Why? Because the boss wanted it that way. And so that you know next time you visit an art museum why top-class Renaissance ladies are stroking weasels in droves. 07.06.2020, 18:2708.06.2020, 17:36 consequences There she is, the famous Lady with an Ermine painted by Leonardo da Vinci in 1490. And how does she … Read more