With “Supernatural” star Jared Padalecki in the role of Chuck Norris: First teaser for the reboot of “Walker, Texas Ranger”

The series reboot “Walker”, which is based on the nineties cult series “Walker, Texas Ranger” with Chuck Norris, is expected to start in the USA in January 2021. You don’t see Jared Padalecki in the teaser yet, but you can at least hear his voice: When the cult series “MacGyver” with teen heartthrob Lucas Till … Read more

“Supernatural” star Jared Padalecki instead of Chuck Norris as Texas Ranger: First trailer for the reboot of “Walker”! – Series news

So far there has only been one teaser in which you can hear the voice of new Texas Ranger Jared Padalecki, but you haven’t seen the Chuck Norris replacement yet. Now there is the first real trailer for the new “Walker” series: In the last few weeks and months we have heard again and again … Read more

Season 6 “Riverdale” is coming – and there are also supplies from DC and Jared Padalecki! – Series news

The US broadcaster The CW has renewed twelve of its flagship series – including “Walker” with Jared Padalecki and several DC comic adaptations. Above all, “Riverdale” fans should be happy, because after season 5 it’s officially going on! The CW Today is a good day for “Riverdale” fans: Not only is a new episode of … Read more

‘Devastated’: Jared Padalecki Angers About ‘Supernatural’ Spin-Off – Was He Just Passed Over? – Series news

A prequel series to Supernatural has just been announced, The Winchesters, in which Jensen Ackles returns as Dean. But Sam actor Jared Padalecki was apparently not asked and expresses his displeasure on Twitter. Jack Rowand/The CW Actually, it should be good news for all “Supernatural” fans: A spin-off series called The Winchesters has been announcedin … Read more

Update on the dispute over “Supernatural” spin-off: Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles end their Zoff series news so touchingly

Well, that made a big splash: When a “Supernatural” prequel was surprisingly announced that Jensen Ackles was part of, Jared Padalecki tweeted angrily that he didn’t know anything. But the two seem to have reconciled… The CW Keeping secrets in the film and series industry can sometimes lead to good friends falling out. That’s what … Read more