New on Disney +: werewolves & zombies fight with aliens, a pact with the devil and more – cinema news

It’s a brightly colored day on Disney+, because today not only an extraordinary, wacky trilogy is celebrating its finale. There are also a few other new releases worth seeing on the streaming service. Disney +++ Opinion +++ There are still a few months ahead of us, but the chances are not bad that Disney+ will … Read more

Haiti has been cursed since a pact with the devil – even the locals believe so

A voodoo priest in the Haitian capital, Port-au-Prince (2014).Credit: Dieu Nalio Chery/AP/KEYSTONE 07.10.2016, 15:1307.10.2016, 16:27 consequences Hurricane Matthew is heading for Florida and has already hit Haiti. Entire cities have been destroyed and at least 339 people have died. Haiti again. 2010 the apocalypse after a magnitude 7.0 earthquake, at least 100,000 dead. 1994 Cyclone … Read more