‘The Godfather’ Series: Netflix Star Plays Al Pacino In ‘The Offer’

With “The Godfather” in 1972, Francis Ford Coppola created a classic for eternity. But how did the masterful mafia epic actually come about? That’s exactly what the mini-series “The Offer” is supposed to show – among others with Anthony Ippolito (“Grand Army”) as Al Pacino. Paramount Pictures With “The Godfather III” in 1990, Francis Ford … Read more

Free TV premiere: Al Pacino and a “Star Trek” star hunt down a merciless serial killer in this dark thriller – Kino News

In the dark thriller “Hangman – The Killing Game”, which celebrates its free TV premiere this Monday, Al Pacino and Karl Urban (“The Boys”, “Star Trek”) deal with a serial killer who likes hangmen plays. LEONINE Sometimes it’s hard to believe that movies starring an actor of the caliber of Al Pacino (“The Godfather,” “Heat,” … Read more