“Oxygen” on Netflix: Mélanie Laurent runs out of oxygen in the horror trailer – cinema news

With “High Tension” in 2003, Alexandre Aja unleashed a wave of brutal French terror films. His latest film, Oxygen, will be exclusively on Netflix. There, Mélanie Laurent, imprisoned in a chamber, is being terrorized. Here’s the trailer: The first trailer for the Netflix horror thriller “Oxygen” looks like a mixture of “Buried” and “Cube”: A … Read more

“Oxygen” on Netflix: We explain the end of the enigmatic sci-fi thriller! Or is everything completely different? – Cinema News

The “Oxygen”, which is (almost) only located in a tiny cryochamber, provides answers only slowly for a long time – until it finally works very quickly. We unravel the events for you – and also have our own theory… Netflix +++ Warning: spoilers for “Oxygen” +++ In the Netflix-produced sci-fi mystery thriller Oxygen, an initially … Read more