Wicked Home Cinema Tip: This 5-star masterpiece overlooked in cinemas is as radical as it is ingenious – Kino News

This film is as real as it is supernatural, as beautiful as it is harrowing: “The Innocents” shows the naive, amazing world of children as gripping psychological horror. You can already secure the cinema highlight for your home. capelight pictures +++ Opinion +++ Disturbing, enchanting or both? Enchantingly disturbing or disturbingly enchanting? It doesn’t matter, … Read more

THIS sex scene in the “Harry Potter” movies was overlooked by (almost) everyone! – Cinema News

In addition to current news, it’s always fun to take a look back – for example at a detail in the “Harry Potter” saga that even many Hogwarts enthusiasts may have missed… Warner Bros. As the “Harry Potter” saga progresses, things not only get darker and more serious, but also more and more romantic – … Read more

11 slightly overlooked deaths in 2014

Annual review with a difference 12/31/2014, 08:3401/02/2015, 09:16 No Components found for watson.rectangle. consequences More «Annual Review 14» The contemporaries who made history and died in 2014 almost went under with so much Udos and Joes. A little appreciation. 1. The Last Ramone No, dear hipsters, Ramones is not a t-shirt brand. In fact, they … Read more