Roland Emmerich finds “Spider-Man” overkill “boring”: “Moonfall” director continues to shoot against Marvel & Co – Kino News

In an interview, Roland Emmerich once again criticized the fact that far too little attention is currently being paid to original material in Hollywood. Instead, superhero films would be shot non-stop – which he finds boring as a filmmaker. SonyPictures/Marvel The sci-fi extravaganza “Moonfall” recently opened in cinemas – and has not been particularly well … Read more

Stream horror overkill from the “Doctor Strange 2” maker uncut: This superhero highlight once even landed on the index! – Cinema News

In addition to plenty of Marvel action, “Doctor Strange In The Multiverse Of Madness” offers above all a wonderful mix of horror and black humor. If you like the film for exactly that, you should definitely have seen Sam Raimi’s first superhero film. Universal Pictures As one of the many filmmakers who made the leap … Read more