Horror double pack in the home cinema: Japanese horror cult gets a long overdue new edition – finally on Blu-ray! – Cinema News

While there are both brand new and many old horror films already available on 4K Blu-ray, others are only available on DVD despite a large fan base. At least in the case of The Grudge and The Grudge 2, that’s about to change. Metropolitan Film Export Anyone who, like the author of this article, discovered … Read more

In the wake of “Top Gun 2”: Brilliant sci-fi hit with Tom Cruise receives a long overdue home cinema upgrade – Kino News

Tom Cruise is currently rocking the cinema with “Top Gun: Maverick”, but there is now also a real highlight in the home cinema with the superstar: After years of waiting, the spectacular sci-fi action fun “Edge Of Tomorrow” is finally appearing in 4K! Warner Bros. France +++ Opinion +++ It took a long time, but … Read more

New in home cinema: Sci-Fi cult comedy from the “Ghostbusters” maker gets a long overdue new edition – Kino News

Not just for fans of “The X Files”: The entertaining science fiction fun “Evolution”, in which David Duchovny (once again) has to do with aliens, is now also available on Blu-ray – as a limited edition in the steel book. Cook Media Anyone who watched German free TV in the 2000s knows it: The sci-fi … Read more

Home cinema highlight: One of the best German thrillers of all time gets its long overdue new edition – cinema news

For its 23rd anniversary, Hans-Christian Schmid’s thriller masterpiece “23 – Nothing is as it seems” will be released for the first time on Blu-ray – as an edition packed with extras in a media book, limited to 2323 copies. Buena Vista International Film Productions It’s unbelievable that he’s already 23 years old. But it is … Read more

Home cinema highlight: One of the biggest cult films of the 2000s gets its long overdue new edition – in 4K – Kino News

In Germany it wasn’t even shown regularly in cinemas, and the DVD had poor picture quality. Nevertheless, “Donnie Darko” became a cult that still makes heads smoke today. Now the mystery is finally available in appropriate quality for home cinema. Studio Canal In the early 2000s, one film dominated animated discussions among film fans. Be … Read more

Home cinema tip: Legendary cult film by the “Pirates of the Caribbean” maker is finally getting its long overdue new edition – Kino News

Before Gore Verbinski talked about a video curse in “Ring” and launched the “Pirates of the Caribbean” series, he called for “mouse hunting”. After a long wait, the crazy slapstick comedy is finally available in HD on Blu-ray. Paramount Pictures +++ opinion +++ Grotesque sights. Cartoonesque slapstick violence that escalates into the macabre. And a … Read more

Horror highlight: Probably the best splatter film of all time is getting a long overdue new edition – also in Germany? – Cinema News

As early as 2018, “Lord of the Rings” director Peter Jackson spoke of restoring his early horror works like “Braindead”. After his Beatles documentary, which recently appeared on Disney+, the time has finally come. Oro Films We don’t need to explain to anyone that tastes differ. In the end, it’s the different points of view … Read more

Uncut: 90s horror cult is celebrating its long overdue home cinema comeback – finally! – Cinema News

This is what slasher fans have been waiting for: While the Blu-ray of “Halloween: H 20” disappeared from stores for practically years, the film is finally available again on DVD and Blu-ray just in time for the home cinema release of “Halloween Kills”. Universal Pictures Michael Myers fans have two reasons to be happy this … Read more

Long overdue comeback: FSK 18 cult classic with Brad Pitt is finally available for home cinema – cinema news

The Blu-ray first edition, which has been out of print for some time, has been around for more than ten years, and now “Kalifornia” with Brad Pitt, Juliette Lewis and David Duchovny is finally getting its overdue new edition. capelight pictures Before his meteoric rise with films such as True Romans (1993), Interview with a … Read more