New on Amazon Prime Video: An outstanding gang thriller that was kicked out of cinemas because of fights – Kino News

Andrew Onwubolu draws on his own experiences in his critically acclaimed thriller drama Blue Story – Gangs Of London. There were serious fights when it was released in British cinemas – now the film is available in this country on Amazon Prime Video. Paramount Pictures Blue Story – Gangs Of London hit UK cinemas in … Read more

New on Amazon Prime Video in January 2021: A new “Star Trek” series, sitcom cult and outstanding cinema – cinema news

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New at Amazon Prime Video: An outstanding comic adaptation with sex scenes that are as explicit as they are controversial – Kino News

In 2013 “Blue is a warm color” was awarded in Cannes. Since then it has not only been considered one of the best films of the year, but even of the decade. Now there is a subscription to the comic drama about the love of two women on Amazon Prime Video. Alamode Film / Amazon … Read more

TV tip: A film that is as outstanding as it is unique and that is hidden in the program – Kino News

Program your recording devices or switch directly to streaming. Because today’s TV tip is unlikely to be watched live by anyone. It’s a shame because “Boyhood” is beyond extraordinary… Universal Pictures Germany Normally, in our TV tips, we are happy to recommend films that you can watch in the evening (ideally during prime time). Unfortunately, … Read more

“The Mauritanian”: German trailer for the outstanding cinema drama about one of the greatest injustices of our time – Kino News

A defendant who is said to have recruited the 9/11 terrorists, Jodie Foster and Benedict Cumberbatch on opposite sides of the court process: “The Mauritanian” is strong thriller cinema – here is the German trailer: With “The Trial Of The Chicago 7” a judicial thriller worth seeing was released in 2020, which has a star … Read more

New on Netflix: A double dose of gangster action and the late sequel to an outstanding manga adaptation – Kino News

From today, June 18, 2021, many exclusive films will be available on the Netflix streaming service. While the Hollywood film “Fatherhood” will draw the most attention, cinephiles should be looking at a few films from Asia… Netflix At Netflix, Friday is the day for the originals, for those films and series that are exclusively available … Read more

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Today on TV: The best James Bond film ever offers outstanding action and is wrongly often misjudged – cinema news

What is the best James Bond film? 007 fans have very different answers to this question. For FILMSTARTS editor Björn Becher it is “The Living Daylights”, although it is often criticized particularly harshly. +++ Opinion +++ VOX shows “James Bond 007 – The Living Daylights” on August 4th at 10 p.m. This is a good … Read more

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TV tip: An outstanding thriller with one of the most exciting action scenes in film history is showing today – Kino News

The fight against Al Capone in Brian De Palma’s classic The Untouchables is outstanding, culminating in a scene that made movie history even though it was only a contingency plan. Our TV tip of the day! Paramount Pictures If you like outstanding gangster films, you can’t ignore “The Untouchables”. With a first-class cast including Kevin … Read more