OUCH: “Jackass 4” star is bitten by a shark during a stunt – and his colleague posts a violent picture of the wound

The “Jackass” crew has finally shot the bird when it comes to “bullshit stunts”. Luckily there is a function on Instagram that you have to confirm that you really want to see certain pictures… Discovery Channel There is a term “Jump the Shark” in English-speaking pop culture. It means exaggerating something in a story so … Read more

Ouch! In the trailer for the monster trash “Devil’s Triangle”, a hydra shreds a basking shark – cinema news

The Bermuda Bureau of Tourism may not be thrilled. Because according to “Devil’s Triangle” there are not only gigantic sharks and sea monsters off the coasts of the island paradise, but also terrorists with nuclear weapons. Here’s the trailer: “Devil’s Triangle” means the Bermuda Triangle, which is also known in German as Teufelsdreieck. The body … Read more

Ouch! Daniel Craig broke a Marvel star’s nose while shooting “James Bond: Specter”

Daniel Craig, who retired from his role as 007 in No Time To Die, shared a whimsical story about a set accident on Spectre. The victim: the nose of “Guardians of the Galaxy” star Dave Bautista. Universal Pictures Germany After five stints as what is probably the world’s most famous movie character, 53-year-old Daniel Craig … Read more