Satellite State of the Ottoman Empire: Republic of the Seven Islands

Many states were established throughout history, and many states were destroyed for various reasons and took their place on the dusty shelves of history. However, few founding stories were as interesting as the story of the Republic of the Seven Islands. The state, which was established in 1800 under the auspices of the Ottoman Empire … Read more

How an Ottoman camel got to Vienna

1/6 Camel skeleton in Austria source: © 2015 galik et al. 04/02/2015, 06:3704/02/2015, 08:34 In 1683 the West held its breath: the Turks were standing in front of Vienna. The second siege of the imperial residence by an Ottoman army after 1529 lasted from July 14 to September 12. The Ottomans almost succeeded in conquering … Read more