Only 2 days until release: German trailer for the bloody FSK-18 war film “1942: Ostfront” – Kino News

The Russian war blockbuster “1942: Ostfront” will be released on DVD, Blu-ray and VoD as early as next Friday. Here is the German trailer, which, in addition to a great deal of technical effort, also promises a pretty bloody carnage in the snow: In 1942, the Russian troops received the order to defend the village … Read more

After “1942: Ostfront” even more martial world war action in the home cinema: German trailer for “The Last Frontier” – Kino News

On April 8, 2021, the next Russian war film blockbuster will come to us with “The Last Frontier – The Battle of Moscow”. The visually high-quality looking trailer is as dramatic as it is martial. See for yourself: “The Last Frontier – The Battle of Moscow” takes place in the winter of 1941/42 outside the … Read more