New on Amazon Prime Video: An Oscar-winning masterpiece & action with Bruce Willis – Kino News

On Amazon Prime Video there is once again film replenishment. While we can definitely recommend the masterpiece “Silver Linings” (Oscar for leading actress Jennifer Lawrence), “Reprisal” starring Bruce Willis is only for die-hard fans. Studio Canal / Splendid Film / Amazon Although her career began a little earlier, Jennifer Lawrence really got going in 2010: … Read more

New to Netflix: An Oscar-winning monster fairy tale, gripping action with Mark Wahlberg & more – Kino News

This is how the new year can begin! Punctually for January 1, 2021, Netflix has put several films worth seeing into its program – including Guillermo Del Toro’s “Shape Of Water” and “Boston” with Mark Wahlberg. Fox/Disney Anyone who celebrated New Year’s Eve should probably make themselves particularly comfortable on the couch today. Matching this, … Read more