Time jump and emotional chaos in Netflix’s “Cobra Kai”: That’s what awaits us in season 3 – series news

The 3rd season of “Cobra Kai” has already been filmed and is scheduled to be released on Netflix in 2021. What’s next in the “Karate Kid” sequel? FILMSTARTS video editor Sebastian Gerdshikow has already compiled the most important information for you: “Cobra Kai” failed to trigger the big hype after its debut on the YouTube … Read more

“Stranger Things” meets “Attack The Block” in the trailer for Netflix’s horror fun “Vampires Vs. The Bronx” – Kino News

Similar to Attack The Block, teens from a troubled neighborhood face a supernatural threat in the Vampire Vs. The Bronx trailer. The horror comedy premieres on Netflix October 2, 2020. Genre films can not only be fun, they can also show social grievances at the same time – as happened, for example, in the science … Read more

New today: Netflix’s next Oscar candidate – with an absolute star cast – Kino News

Directed by Aaron Sorkin (The Social Network), The Trial Of The Chicago 7 features a celebrity cast including Eddie Redmayne, Sacha Baron Cohen, Yahya Abdul-Mateen II and Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Now there’s the drama on Netflix: NIKO TAVERNISE/NETFLIX At the Academy Awards 2020, Netflix was able to collect a total of 24 Oscar nominations, with the … Read more

Netflix’s World War II series looks awesome: Trailer for “The Liberator” – series news

An animated series for Netflix has now been created from the non-fiction book “The Liberator”, which traces the deployment of the 157th Allied Regiment from the landings in Sicily to the heart of Germany. Here’s the trailer: The most famous war animation film is certainly “Waltz With Bashir”, which was even nominated for an Oscar … Read more

From the Creators of Avengers: Endgame: Trailer for Netflix’s Intense War Movie Mosul – Kino News

With the “Mosul” they produced, the “Avengers 3 & 4” directors Joe and Anthony Russo deliberately distance themselves from the Marvel blockbuster bombast. But even in the war drama there is hardly a breather, as the trailer suggests. After delivering their fourth MCU contribution and also the most successful film of all time with “Avengers … Read more

For fans of “The Walking Dead” & Co.: Netflix’s “Army Of The Dead” will be a crazy zombie festival with handmade effects – cinema news

More than 15 years after his “Dawn Of The Dead” remake, DC director Zack Snyder returns to the undead genre with “Army Of The Dead” – and now promises a zombie spectacle with lots of crazy ideas and handmade effects. Netflix “mayhem” – chaos; serious bodily harm; Mutilation of a person to render them defenseless. … Read more

From the creators of “The Incredibles”: The trailer for Netflix’s “Lupin” promises another brilliant raid – series news

Louis Leterrier landed a real hit with the public with his enchanting Heist thriller “Now You See Me”. And his upcoming Netflix series “Lupin” also focuses on a legendary heist. Here’s the trailer: After making a name for himself in the early 2000s with brutal actioners like “The Transporter” with Jason Statham and “Unleashed” with … Read more

“James Bond” star in Netflix’s 007 competition: cast for the most expensive Netflix film of all time is growing

When the “Avengers 4” makers for Netflix launch a spy franchise with “The Gray Man”, they can really get down to business. And so they have now been able to sign Shootingstar and Ana De Armas – that fits in perfectly with the 007 competitor. Universal Pictures / Netflix Ana De Armas joins Ryan Gosling … Read more

New Trailer for Netflix’s ‘Pacific Rim’ Sequel Shows Off Monster Action

Kaijus are very popular at Netflix right now. In addition to the MonsterVerse and a new “Godzilla” series, the streaming service will soon be releasing the “Pacific Rim” sequel. But this is not “Pacific Rim 3”. Movies and series with gigantic monsters, the so-called Kaijus, are ubiquitous right now. With “Godzilla Vs. Kong” we are … Read more