New trailer for “Halloween Kills”: Michael Myers is back – cinema news

The spookiest night of the year is upon us, and of course Mike Myers isn’t far away either. “Halloween Kills” will unfortunately not be released in cinemas until 2021, but we still have a new teaser trailer for you today! If the world hadn’t been hit by the Corona pandemic, we would be in cinemas … Read more

Michael Myers lives! New image for “Halloween Kills” ties directly to the end of the predecessor

After the famous “Halloween” reboot from 2018, the sequel “Halloween Kills” 2021 is one of the most anticipated films of the year for us. And the menacing new image for the horror flick only fuels the anticipation. 1. Michael Myers is back! + © Universal Pictures (via Empire) Warning, spoilers for the end of 2018’s … Read more

“Halloween Kills”: In the first trailer for the horror sequel, Michael Myers slices through an entire city – cinema news

Michael Myers is back and his toll may be higher than ever. In the first trailer for “Halloween Kills” there are so many dead that we can’t keep up with the count… The “Halloween” franchise has a special place in horror history: the 1978 original was one of the earliest representatives of the slasher film … Read more

Who needs Austin Powers 4 after this trailer? In his new Netflix series, Mike Myers plays 8 (!) roles – Series News

Whether we will ever see “Austin Powers 4” is questionable. For all fans of the British chaos spy, however, Mike Myers could provide an adequate replacement with the Netflix comedy series “The Pentaverate”. In the three Austin Powers films, Mike Myers already showed a strong penchant for disguises and multiple roles. In “Austin Powers 3” … Read more

New on Netflix this week: comedy sequel with “Lupin” star, true crime with “IT” clown, Mike Myers in 8 (!) roles & more – cinema news

Although Netflix just provided a lot of film supplies at the beginning of the month, the flood of new content for the streaming service is not stopping this week either. Once again we present you the highlights of the next seven days. Nikola Predovic / Zoe Midford / Netflix After two Netflix series ended last … Read more

New on Netflix: The eightfold (!) Mike Myers and True Crime for Rammstein fans with “ES” monster Pennywise – series news

A new comedy series starts today on Netflix with “Austin Powers” star Mike Myers in eight cast members. In addition, Pennywise actor Bill Skarsgård leads through the life of a legendary Swedish gangster. Netflix What to do if you’ve already finished watching Ozark and checked if 365 Days 2: That Day is worth all the … Read more