“Never Rarely Sometimes Always” is one of the most important movies of 2020 – Cinema News

The newly launched drama “Never Rarely Sometimes Always” is about a young pregnant woman who needs an abortion. In the new episode of our podcast Love on the Screen we talk about the special features and great feelings in the film. Focus Features, LLC. All rights reserved Just in time for the debates about Safe … Read more

Do all Spider-Man movies belong together? Jamie Foxx Hints at Mega Universe – Kino News

It was quite a surprise for all Marvel fans to have Jamie Foxx join Tom Holland as Electro in the third Spider-Man film. Where is the MCU heading? Foxx himself is now causing further confusion… SonyPictures Jamie Foxx commented on Instagram about his engagement as Electro in “Spider-Man 3” with Tom Holland – and confirmed … Read more

New on Disney+: Now you can stream even more non-Disney movies! – Cinema News

Disney+ is expanding – and is now also including productions from other studios in its range. In Germany, that means lots of family-friendly entertainment from Constantin Film. Starting today, you can stream Five Friends 1-4. Constantine Film / Disney+ It didn’t take long for Disney to realize that it was not so easy to assert … Read more

“The Walking Dead” is not everything: How good are the zombie movies “Zombi Child” & “Peninsula”? – Cinema News

The zombie series “The Walking Dead” and its offshoots are currently on everyone’s lips again. In our podcast, however, we devote ourselves to the current zombie cinema – which sometimes shuffles along quite unusually… Splendid movie The season finale of The Walking Dead and the season launches of World Beyond, as well as upcoming season … Read more

More streaming, fewer Disney movies? That means the new strategy of the entertainment giant – Kino News

Disney is reorganizing its media and entertainment division. Streaming, especially on Disney+, is set to play a bigger role – and it sounds very much as if theatrical films will be available faster than VOD in the future, similar to “Mulan”. The Walt Disney Company The cinema continues to lose importance and Corona has now … Read more

These 7 Sci-Fi Movies Are Coming Soon To Amazon Prime Video – Starring Keanu Reeves, Jackie Chan & Aliens – Kino News

Whether martial arts action or romance, whether an American film adaptation of a young-adult novel or a Chinese genetic engineering thriller – these seven very different science fiction films can only be found on Amazon Prime Video for a short time. Replicas Holdings, LLC Prime customers are served all kinds of science fiction films of … Read more

New to Amazon Prime Video: A sci-fi masterpiece and one of the best horror movies of all time – Kino News

From today you will find two genuine cult films on the in-house streaming platform – a demonically crazy horror fun by genre legend Sam Raimi and a science fiction classic with Brad Pitt and Bruce Willis. Splendor Films / Concorde From today on Amazon Prime Video you will find two cult films that shouldn’t just … Read more

New Halloween horror movies on Amazon Prime Video – featuring one of the scariest movies of all time – Kino News

Just in time for Halloween, Prime customers can get the creeps out with one of the most disturbing horror movies ever: the found footage classic The Blair Witch Project. Also new in the programme: “The Boy 1+2”. Arthouse film distribution At the end of the 1990s, the Blair Witch Project was a horror film that … Read more

Netflix Movies: These are the Most Popular Netflix Originals of 2020 – Cinema News

It’s a bit opaque when successes are announced for Netflix, there are no exact numbers. “Hubie Halloween” is now said to be the most popular original in the USA in 2020 on the streaming service – after the most popular film ever, “365 Days”! Netflix The Adam Sandler comedy “Hubie Halloween” has only been on … Read more

“Dune”, “Matrix 4”, “Suicide Squad 2”: Warner will also release all 17 (!) Movies of 2021 as a stream – cinema news

Warner will bring all theatrical films of 2021 (including “Conjuring 3” & “Godzilla vs. Kong”) to US cinemas on the same day and publish them on the streaming service HBO Max. It is unclear what this means for the German starts of the films. Warner Bros. Warner is shaking the film industry: The traditional Hollywood … Read more