Jake Gyllenhaal and Oscar Isaac as Creators of ‘The Godfather’ Cast in Leading Roles in Movie About Masterpiece

When it comes to the greatest films of all time, Francis Ford Coppola’s “The Godfather” is mentioned again and again. Now a film about the creation of the classic is to come – and the two main actors are certain. Paramount Pictures Oscar Isaac plays Francis Coppola and Jake Gyllenhaal embodies Robert Evans – and … Read more

Robert Downey Jr. Wants Marvel-Style Sherlock Holmes Movie Universe

For years at Marvel, as Iron Man, he saw first-hand how a successful film universe is built. Now Robert Downey Jr. would like to adapt the model together with Susan Downey for the “Sherlock” films. The Walt Disney Company A few years ago it became a running gag among the news editors at FILMSTARTS that … Read more

An obvious choice: “World War Z” director makes “Thomas and his friends” movie – Kino News

After a number of animation offshoots have already been shown successfully on the big screen, a really big “Thomas and Friends” movie is to follow. The choice of director only seems unexpected at first glance. justbridge entertainment media The Thomas locomotive, invented by W. Awdry in 1945, has been an integral part of children’s rooms … Read more

Free streaming highlight: You’ve never seen a movie like this! – Cinema News

Anyone who regularly accuses Hollywood films of lovelessness should take a look at Wakaliwood for a change. Films are made there practically for an apple and an egg, but they just sparkle with love for the cinema. Wakaliwood +++ Opinion +++ It doesn’t always take millions, superstars, and explosions (okay, explosions maybe). Sometimes the sheer … Read more

Amazon Prime Day: Pay 3 euros now and watch over 100 (!) horror films – perfect for the Halloween movie night – Kino News

Until October 14, 2020 you have the chance to book the streaming channel Home Of Horror on Amazon for only 97 cents/month and stock up on horror films in time for Halloween – from “Train To Busan” to “Tucker & Dale Vs .Evil”. Splendid Film / Studio Canal Amazon celebrates the annual Prime Day on … Read more

David Fincher’s Netflix movie: The first long trailer for “Mank” is here! – Cinema News

It took no less than six whole years for David Fincher to complete a new film after his thriller hit “Gone Girl”. However, it does not end up in the cinema, but on Netflix. Here is the first long trailer: Over the past two and a half decades, David Fincher has made cinema history time … Read more

In the trailer for the “Catweazle” movie you see Otto Waalkes as a cult magician – Kino News

The German cinema adaptation of the British cult series “Catweazle” is scheduled to start in March 2021. You can see how Otto is doing in the lead role in the first trailer: Cult comedian Otto Waalkes takes on the role of the cult wizard Catweazle, who was played by Geoffrey Bayldon in the British ’70s … Read more

Now on Netflix (instead of in the cinema): The new SpongeBob movie is just right in these crazy times! – Cinema News

Actually, the third “screen” adventure should have been in the cinemas for a long time. Instead, SpongeBob SquarePants: A Sponge-tastic Rescue is available to watch on Netflix starting today. I watched it straight away and had a good time. Netflix / Paramount Pictures — Opinion — I still get sad when I see a movie … Read more

From the Creators of Avengers: Endgame: Trailer for Netflix’s Intense War Movie Mosul – Kino News

With the “Mosul” they produced, the “Avengers 3 & 4” directors Joe and Anthony Russo deliberately distance themselves from the Marvel blockbuster bombast. But even in the war drama there is hardly a breather, as the trailer suggests. After delivering their fourth MCU contribution and also the most successful film of all time with “Avengers … Read more