For fans of “The Boys”: The trailer for “Apple-Man” is pure superhero madness – cinema news

Tired of the superhero mush? “The Boys” is a welcome, wacky change for you? Then the trailer for “Apple-Man” should be to your liking! One can only hope that it will become a whole movie. Year after year – unless a pandemic is shaking up the cinema industry (and the rest of the world) – … Read more

Johnny Depp and Robert Pattinson are pure madness: German trailer for “Waiting For The Barbarians” – Kino News

Eccentric gods Johnny Depp and Robert Pattinson really go the extra mile in the film adaptation of Nobel Prize winner JM Coetzee’s cult novel Waiting for the Barbarians – and Depp’s period sunglasses are the icing on the cake… For several years now, Johnny Depp (“Pirates of the Caribbean”) and Robert Pattinson (“The Batman”) have … Read more

New in home cinema: “African Kung-Fu Nazis” is pure martial arts madness – Kino News

With “Jiu Jitsu” we can expect a crazy alien martial arts firework with Tony Jaa and Nicolas Cage. “African Kung-Fu Nazi” is much more trashy, but at least as crazy – and it’s already available in stores today! Busch Media Group It’s one of those movies where you don’t quite know where to start. Can … Read more

Guaranteed madness with Nicolas Cage in his “wildest film”: The first pictures of “Prisoners Of The Ghostland”

When the Japanese director jack-of-all-trades Sion Sono stages Nicolas Cage, you have to reckon with pure madness. The story and now also the first pictures of “Prisoners Of The Ghostland” underline the… 1. Nicolas Cage with Nick Cassavetes in “Prisoners Of The Ghostland” + © XYZ Films Nicolas Cage already called “Prisoners Of The Ghostland” … Read more

Reminiscent of “Joker”: In the trailer for Disney’s “Cruella”, the cult figure succumbs to the intoxication of madness – Kino News

In 2013 we reported on the live-action Disney movie “Cruella” for the first time, and it should finally come in 2021. Emma Stone plays a young Cruella De Vil, perhaps the most iconic Disney villain ever. Now the trailer is here. Cruella De Vil is not easily forgotten – whether you know her from the … Read more

Sci-fi martial arts madness with Nicolas Cage & Tony Jaa new in home cinema: German trailer for “Jiu Jitsu” – Kino News

Aliens getting caught up in a martial arts extravaganza starring Tony Jaa and Nicolas Cage, what more could you ask for?! You can already stream “Jiu Jitsu”, DVD & Blu-ray will follow on March 11th. To set the mood, we have the German trailer for you: Certain films give you the feeling that the creative … Read more

Starting today on Netflix: sex, madness and violence in the new series from the “Heist of Money” maker – series news

Even before the 5th season of “Money Heist” arrives, series creator Álex Pina is making it crash again on Netflix in “Sky Rojo”. The full first season is available to stream starting Friday. Tamara Arranz / Netflix When exactly the fifth and final season of the Netflix hit “Money Heist” will appear is still unclear. … Read more

“Fight Club” meets “The Raid”: Bloody German trailer for the beating madness “Knuckledust” – cinema news

If the title “Knuckledust” makes you think of flying, bloody fists, you’re pretty much right. The black-humoured, low-budget hit may not win an originality award, but the ludicrous trailer is fun. The first two rules of Fight Club from David Fincher’s dark masterpiece of the same name definitely apply to the underground beating ring in … Read more