Tough series tip: “Gangs Of London” is the perfect “The Raid 3” replacement – series news

The Raid 3 was high on my wish list for a long time, but that’s history now. With “Gangs Of London” director Gareth Evans delivers pretty much exactly what I would have hoped for from a third part. Sky UK Limited +++ Opinion +++ “The Raid” was straight-forward shooting fireworks, “The Raid 2” was a … Read more

“Emily in London” instead of “Emily in Paris”? For season 2, Lily Collins is planning a trip to Europe – series news

Disturbs many Parisians as portrayed in Season 1 of the Netflix series Emily in Paris. Will it hit the Londoners or maybe the Berliners in a possible second season? In any case, Lily Collins wants to take a trip to Europe. Netflix The second season of “Emily in Paris”, in which a young American woman … Read more

Only cut on TV: Here you get “London Has Fallen” really uncut! – Cinema News

RTL 2 is showing “London Has Fallen” on October 30, 2020 – in prime time at 8:15 p.m. and therefore only in the heavily edited version. If you want to see the bloody actioner uncut, there are alternatives. SND With disaster films and bloody action thrillers, “300” star Gerard Butler seems to have found his … Read more

The most brutal & maybe best action series of recent years returns: First trailer for the 2nd season “Gangs Of London” – series news

With the first season “Gangs Of London” director Gareth Evans picked up pretty much where he left off with “The Raid 1+2”. After two years, season 2 of the tough gangster action series is finally here. Here’s the trailer: He was only in his early 30s when he made international headlines with The Raid and … Read more

IS destroyed plaster copies – the originals are in Baghdad, Berlin and London

03/16/2015, 2:41 p.m03/17/2015, 10:04 am consequences The outcry was great when IS fanatics destroyed ancient Assyrian statues in a museum in Mosul, Iraq, at the end of February and proudly documented their barbarism on video. Even then, however, there were doubts as to whether these were genuine pieces. “You see iron bars in the statues, … Read more