Trailer: Maisie Williams kills even more people in her first series role after “Game Of Thrones”

Like Arya Stark in the fantasy phenomenon “Game Of Thrones”, the now 23-year-old Maisie Williams embarks on a bloody revenge campaign in her second leading role in the series. Here’s the trailer for Two Weeks To Live: After the end of “Game Of Thrones” Maisie Williams has acted in all sorts of films, most recently … Read more

New trailer for “Halloween Kills”: Michael Myers is back – cinema news

The spookiest night of the year is upon us, and of course Mike Myers isn’t far away either. “Halloween Kills” will unfortunately not be released in cinemas until 2021, but we still have a new teaser trailer for you today! If the world hadn’t been hit by the Corona pandemic, we would be in cinemas … Read more

Now also in German: New trailer for “Halloween Kills” shows 3 returnees – Kino News

The new teaser trailer for “Halloween Kills” is only 34 seconds long, but it’s packed with new scenes – and shows three characters we know from “Halloween” from 1978 and who again clash with Michael Myers in “Halloween Kills”. “Halloween Kills” is also one of the films that were postponed due to the corona pandemic … Read more

“Halloween Kills” goes one better: Jamie Lee Curtis announces “a masterpiece” on the cutting edge – cinema news

The “Halloween” sequel is said to be even heavier than its predecessor. For Jamie Lee Curtis, what makes “Halloween Kills” so special is the intense depiction of social unrest – which is more relevant than ever. Universal Pictures After the mega success of “Halloween” (2018), “Halloween Kills” was supposed to continue last month, before the … Read more

Fighting a virus that kills women: German trailer for “Only – Last Woman On Earth” – Kino News

In “Only – Last Woman On Earth”, “Slumdog Millionaire” star Freida Pinto must fight for her survival as one of the last women on the planet. After a comet crashes into the earth, a mysterious virus is unleashed, killing all women who come into contact with it. The young couple Eva (Freida Pinto) and Will … Read more

Michael Myers lives! New image for “Halloween Kills” ties directly to the end of the predecessor

After the famous “Halloween” reboot from 2018, the sequel “Halloween Kills” 2021 is one of the most anticipated films of the year for us. And the menacing new image for the horror flick only fuels the anticipation. 1. Michael Myers is back! + © Universal Pictures (via Empire) Warning, spoilers for the end of 2018’s … Read more

John Wick kills in Berlin: everything we need to know about the action hit “John Wick 4” – cinema news

Keanu Reeves has been back in Berlin for a few days. After recently filming “Matrix 4” there, he is now in the capital for “John Wick 4”. Reason to take a look at the upcoming action film… Things get wild in John Wick 4. For the first time there should be a small jump in … Read more

“Halloween Kills”: In the first trailer for the horror sequel, Michael Myers slices through an entire city – cinema news

Michael Myers is back and his toll may be higher than ever. In the first trailer for “Halloween Kills” there are so many dead that we can’t keep up with the count… The “Halloween” franchise has a special place in horror history: the 1978 original was one of the earliest representatives of the slasher film … Read more

After “Halloween Kills” comes “Halloween Ends”: Jamie Lee Curtis announces farewell forever – cinema news

David Gordon Green is currently working on two “Halloween” sequels, but then it should really be over – also for Screem Queen Jamie Lee Curtis. She now reveals that she will probably play Laurie Strode in “Halloween Ends” for the last time. 2021 Universal Studios. All rights reserved. With “Halloween – The Night of Horrors” … Read more

FSK confirms bloody climax: “Halloween Kills” is probably the hardest part of the whole series – cinema news

We’ve already seen “Halloween Kills” in Venice and our review certified the new slasher sequel as being “more ruthless and sadistic than ever”. Now Michael Myers’ killing spree has gotten his 18 rating. Universal Studios. All rights reserved. It’s been a selling ploy for horror sequels since at least the ’80s to be described as … Read more