Not “Tenet” or “After Truth”: This horror thriller is the real Corona winner in the German cinema charts! – Cinema News

“Tenet” and “After Truth” show that despite the current restrictions, you can very well get (almost) normal visitor numbers. The horror thriller “Follow Me”, on the other hand, not only meets the expectations, but literally pulverizes them… Capelight Christopher Nolan’s “Tenet” broke the magic mark of one million visitors last weekend – despite corona restrictions, … Read more

New on Netflix in October 2020: Adam Sandler, Horror, “Star Trek” and much more – List of all films and series – Kino News

In the Halloween month of October, the Netflix program with films and series such as “Hubie Halloween” and “Haunted Bly Manor” is all about the scary festival. But there is also a lot of streaming replenishment apart from that. Netflix Just in time for Halloween, Netflix is ​​increasing its horror portfolio in October 2020. Adam … Read more

Scary trailer for the horror film “Mercy Black”: When dark legends come true… – Kino News

Already in “Dark Legends” legendary horror stories became brutal reality. And also for Marina (Daniella Pineda) the horror does not end after she murdered a classmate many years ago as a child… Of course, horror fans know Bloody Mary, not least from the “Dark Legends” trilogy. But now it’s time for a new urban legend. … Read more

MCU horror far away from the Avengers: The new trailer for “Helstrom” is dark and bloody – series news

Although “Helstrom” is part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, it has nothing to do with the colorful world of “Avengers” and Co. On the contrary: The new Hulu series is going to be damn dark. But see for yourself: Siblings Daimon (Tom Austen) and Ana Helstrom (Sydney Lemmon) carry a dark legacy in their hearts: … Read more

From the horror mastermind behind “Candyman” and “Hellraiser”: The trailer for “Books Of Blood” is really nasty and disgusting – cinema news

Author Clive Barker is a true horror icon. No less legendary than his novels are their film adaptations, such as “Hellraiser” or “Candyman”. The trailer for “Books Of Blood” now fuels anticipation for another… With his short story collection “Books of Blood”, author Clive Barker established himself as one of the greatest horror authors of … Read more

From today on DVD & Blu-ray: The anime highlight of the year, uncut horror and the ultimate “Wixxer” edition – Kino News

Are you eagerly awaiting the successor to “Your Name.” Do you need a horror shocker again or are you wondering what Emilia Clarke has been up to since the end of “Game Of Thrones”? Then it’s worth taking a look at today’s home cinema innovations… Universum Film GmbH / Falcon Media That may not be … Read more

The best Netflix horror series enters the 2nd round: German trailer for “Haunted Bly Manor” – series news

After “Haunted Hill House” comes “Haunted Bly Manor”: The second season of Mike Flanagan’s anthology series, like “American Horror Story”, tells a new story with the same cast. Here is the long trailer in German: For us, “Haunted Hill House” was not only one of the best series of 2018, but is also one of … Read more

Trailer for “Resident Evil” series “Infinite Darkness”: Sci-Fi Horror on Netflix – Series News

After six films with Milla Jovovich, not only is work currently being done on a cinema reboot of “Resident Evil”, but also on a series that will start on Netflix in 2021. The first short trailer already promises high tension. After six “Resident Evil” cinema adventures, Milla Jovovich will soon also be hunting nasty creatures … Read more

“Lost” meets “Twilight Zone”: This is the new horror thriller “Old” by M. Night Shyamalan – Kino News

There’s finally some new information on the next film from mystery master M. Night Shyamalan (“The Sixth Sense”, “Glass”). His latest horror thriller revolves around a group of people who are stuck on a beach and are aging rapidly there. Paramount Pictures France / ABC M. Night Shyamalan is open Twitter announced that filming on … Read more

After “Conjuring” comes “Malasaña 32”: Trailer for the horror shocker based on a true story – Kino News

Moving to a new house is supposed to mean a new beginning, but in horror movies it’s often the beginning of the end. If you like films like “The Conjuring”, you should probably also have “Malasaña 32” on your list. Here is the German trailer: A family is moving. Everything is supposed to get better … Read more