From “Joker” to “Frozen 2”: These are currently the most popular films in home cinema – cinema news

Now that everyone is making themselves comfortable in their own four walls instead of in the cinema, it is not only the streaming numbers that are increasing. In the rental charts for Blu-rays and DVDs, alongside the mega hit “Joker”, the cinema flop “Terminator 6” did pretty well. The Walt Disney Company / Warner Bros. … Read more

Hollywood highlight “Le Mans 66” now in home cinema – and Amazon has the perfect film to go with it! – Cinema News

A gripping underdog story, an ensemble of actors in a good mood and brutal racing sequences – all of this is available in “Le Mans 66” on DVD & Blu-ray from today. If you can’t get enough of it, it’s best to check out Amazon Prime Video. Fox +++ Opinion +++ “Le Mans 66 – … Read more

Vin Diesel cinema bombast for home: We discuss “Bloodshot” in the podcast – cinema news

Unusual times call for unusual measures. Because of the cinema closures as a result of the corona pandemic, studios are offering their films for streaming at home. Including the comic actioner “Bloodshot”, which we are dedicated to in our podcast. Sony Pictures / Webedia GmbH The comic adaptation “Bloodshot” was briefly shown in cinemas at … Read more

Now online: Watch the horror film that the “Shazam!” director shot in the Corona home office – cinema news

Because of Corona, as many people as possible should work from home – including filmmakers. David F. Sandberg and Lotta Losten shot a new horror short film in their own four walls, which is now also available online. Warner Bros. Under the hashtag #WirBleibenZuhause, we also call for this in the current situation: If you … Read more

“Harry Potter at home”: That’s behind the new program – also for German fans of the magician – Kino News

Due to the current situation around Corona, we are all spending a lot more time at home. To keep us busy there, there’s a program for all fans of the scared wizard student, JK Rowling’s Harry Potter At Home. Warner Bros. has been online since this week and is a platform designed by JK … Read more

“Kevin – Home Alone” for adults: The trailer for “Dead By Dawn” promises bloody entertainment – ​​cinema news

B-Picture specialist Sean Cain varies motifs from the Home Invasion film in his horror thriller “Dead By Dawn”. Here’s the trailer: Dylan had actually retired to the lonely hut to shoot himself when there was a knock on the door: Lulu, covered in blood, asked for help. Her tormentors are soon at the door, but … Read more

Now much cheaper: stream the cinema hit “The Kangaroo Chronicles” at home and thus support cinemas! – Cinema News

You want to support the cinemas but don’t know how, because you can’t go to the cinema at the moment? Then simply rent or buy the bestseller adaptation “The Kangaroo Chronicles” as VoD – part of the proceeds automatically go to the cinemas. “The Kangaroo Chronicles” based on the bestseller by Marc-Uwe Kling just about … Read more

Cult comeback! Trailer for the “The Fraggles” reboot – which is created entirely in the home office – series news

In the 1980s, the Fraggles’ puppet songs resounded through many German living rooms. With “Fraggle Rock: Rock On!”, a new edition of the cult series is now ready to be streamed on Apple TV+, which reflects the current situation. If you grew up in the 80sa, you probably couldn’t have missed the Fraggles. From 1983 … Read more

Instead of the cinema release: This streaming record spectacle is now also available in German home cinema – cinema news

According to the studio, “Trolls 2”, which was released in US home cinemas instead of in the cinema because of the corona pandemic, had the best VoD start of all time there. Now the motley animation spectacle has also appeared in Germany. Troll Queen Poppy (original voice: Anna Kendrick / German voice: Lena Meyer-Landrut) loves … Read more

Like Netflix, but only for horror (and 3.99 euros a month): This is “Home Of Horror”! – Cinema News

While Netflix & Co. want to reach a broad clientele, the streaming portal that is launching today with more than 400 films and series is aimed specifically at horror watchers who want to watch a shocker every evening if possible. World cinema film distribution Even those who have regularly gone to the cinema in the … Read more