“Hubie Halloween”: That’s why Adam Sandler reminds twice of the late Disney star Cameron Boyce – cinema news

At the end of “Hubie Halloween” a large plaque commemorates Cameron Boyce, who died in 2019. This is not only because of Boyce and Sandler’s shared past, but also because of the future they originally planned. Netflix “Hubie Halloween” is once again loud slapstick fireworks, as we know it from Adam Sandler. But during the … Read more

From the creators of “Halloween” & “The Purge”: German trailer for “Blumhouse’s The Witches Club” – Kino News

Blumhouse has built a reputation as a reliable horror hit maker over the past few years. Now producer Jason Blum has taken on a sequel to 1996’s The Witches Club. Here’s the trailer for Blumhouse’s Witches Club: In 1996’s “The Witches Club,” a teenage Sarah (Robin Tunney) arrives at a new school where she and … Read more

After “Hubie Halloween” Adam Sandler gets serious again on Netflix: This is “Hustle” with many NBA stars – cinema news

With “The Black Diamond”, a tough drama with Adam Sandler came to Netflix at the beginning of 2020, in “Hubie Halloween” the comedian is now fooling around again. But then he wants to take it more seriously again. Netflix Adam Sandler seems to have a little more desire to switch between comedy and drama these … Read more

Amazon Prime Day: Pay 3 euros now and watch over 100 (!) horror films – perfect for the Halloween movie night – Kino News

Until October 14, 2020 you have the chance to book the streaming channel Home Of Horror on Amazon for only 97 cents/month and stock up on horror films in time for Halloween – from “Train To Busan” to “Tucker & Dale Vs .Evil”. Splendid Film / Studio Canal Amazon celebrates the annual Prime Day on … Read more

New to Amazon Prime Video: The next horror shockers from the makers of “The Purge” and “Halloween” – cinema news

After The Lie and Black Box, the next two Welcome To The Blumhouse horror films are now available on Amazon Prime Video: Evil Eye and Nocturne. As before, horror guru Jason Blum (“The Purge”, “Halloween”) acts as producer. Amazon “Welcome To The Blumhouse”: These are a total of eight horror films and thrillers from production … Read more

In cinemas just in time for Halloween: New trailer for the horror film “The Mortuary – Every death has a story” – Kino News

Already next Thursday, October 22, 2020, “The Mortuary – Every death has a story” will start a horror anthology whose style is reminiscent of Guillermo del Toro. There is now a new German trailer for the theatrical release: The frame story of the gothic horror thriller “The Mortuary – Every death has a story”, the … Read more

Just in time for Halloween there are now 10 Blumhouse films in one box: These horror hits are still included alongside “Get Out”! – Cinema News

So that you are prepared for the Halloween movie night, the successful horror film company Blumhouse is now providing you with a total of ten films in a set. Among others, the horror hits “Split”, “Get Out” and “Happy Deathday” are included! Universal Pictures / Patti Perret Halloween is coming up soon! Because of Corona, … Read more

Streaming tips for Halloween: The horror highlights on Netflix, Amazon Prime Video & Disney + – cinema news

There probably won’t be that many costume parties on Halloween. But all the more horror video evenings. We’ve put together our three scary tips for Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and Disney+ (yes, there’s even a bit of horror there). Netflix / Disney / world cinema We in the FILMSTARTS editorial team are being bombarded with … Read more

New Halloween horror movies on Amazon Prime Video – featuring one of the scariest movies of all time – Kino News

Just in time for Halloween, Prime customers can get the creeps out with one of the most disturbing horror movies ever: the found footage classic The Blair Witch Project. Also new in the programme: “The Boy 1+2”. Arthouse film distribution At the end of the 1990s, the Blair Witch Project was a horror film that … Read more

New trailer for “Halloween Kills”: Michael Myers is back – cinema news

The spookiest night of the year is upon us, and of course Mike Myers isn’t far away either. “Halloween Kills” will unfortunately not be released in cinemas until 2021, but we still have a new teaser trailer for you today! If the world hadn’t been hit by the Corona pandemic, we would be in cinemas … Read more