The blood flows in the trailer for the German Netflix series “Barbarians” – series news

As an internationally successful German Netflix original, “Dark” has set the bar quite high for further productions. Can the new series “Barbarians” keep up? We have the first trailer for you: In the 9th century AD: A battle raged in the Teutoburg Forest that eclipsed all previous wars. Germanic warriors meet Roman legions that are … Read more

New at Amazon Prime Video: Today one of the best German series comes to an end – series news

After “Dark” on Netflix, the next German series highlight is celebrating its grand finale on Amazon Prime Video today with “Deutschland 89”. You can now stream all eight episodes of the third season of “Deutschland 83”. Amazon Prime Video German series have become known all over the world in recent years. This was ensured by … Read more

“The Secrets We Keep”: German trailer for the revenge thriller with Noomi Rapace – Kino News

In “The Secrets We Keep”, Noomi Rapace as Maja is caught up in her past and begins a merciless fight against a supposed killer. She seems to lose control herself… Maja (Noomi Rapace) survived World War II in Germany but became a victim of war crimes. In the USA she has built a new life … Read more

The best Netflix horror series enters the 2nd round: German trailer for “Haunted Bly Manor” – series news

After “Haunted Hill House” comes “Haunted Bly Manor”: The second season of Mike Flanagan’s anthology series, like “American Horror Story”, tells a new story with the same cast. Here is the long trailer in German: For us, “Haunted Hill House” was not only one of the best series of 2018, but is also one of … Read more

Stream “Bill & Ted 3” now: That’s what awaits you in the German synchro – cinema news

One day after the theatrical release, “Bill & Ted Face The Music” landed on Amazon Prime Video & Co. And fans should probably be asking themselves how the dubbing thing was solved. FILMSTARTS editor Daniel Fabian has the answer. Dean Parisot +++ Opinion +++ “Big grenade”, “strawberry”, “extremely creamy” – yes, the German synchro meant … Read more

New “The Walking Dead” horror starts this Friday: German trailer for “World Beyond” – series news

The first season of The Walking Dead spin-off TWD: World Beyond will premiere on Amazon Prime Video on October 2nd, 2020. With the new zombie series, Amazon heralds the horror month of October – the trailer gives you a foretaste: Yes, this Friday it starts with “World Beyond” on Amazon! Many a “The Walking Dead” … Read more

Bloody horror fun? In cinemas soon! German trailer “The Mortuary – Every death has a story” – Kino News

Coming October 22, 2020, The Mortuary brings together legendary actor Clancy Brown, newcomer Caitlin Fisher and Netflix teen heartthrob Jacob Elordi. The German trailer will get you in the mood. The focus of “The Mortuary – Every Death Has a Story” is the rather eccentric mortician Montgomery Dark (Clancy Brown), who takes care of the … Read more

“The Beach House”: German trailer for the beach horror – cinema news

Two couples are partying in a beach house, but the next morning something is very wrong with the place (and the problem isn’t the hangover): Enjoy the exclusive German trailer for “The Beach House” (theatrical release is October 22 ): “A captivating and disturbing debut” – that’s what the critics’ consensus says Rotten Tomatoes about … Read more

You decide if Robin dies: German trailer for the interactive DC film “Batman: Death In The Family” – Kino News

Batman and Robin try to stop the Joker from selling stolen uranium to terrorists, but Robin dies in the process – doesn’t he? In Batman: Death In The Family you have the choice how the story ends. Here is the German trailer: In Batman: Death In The Family, DC repeats an experiment that existed in … Read more

“The Walking Dead”: This is how you can see the dramatic finale in German – series news

The 16th episode of the tenth season “The Walking Dead” has already aired in the USA. We can see “Unter Enemies” this Monday at 9 p.m. on Sky and FOX. AMC The “The Walking Dead” fans in the USA are already busy discussing the developments and surprises that could be seen in the finale of … Read more